Playback (Quality Check)

You can open the player tab in the center of the main window to display the playback view and play clips back. Playback control is possible with common JKL controls, but you can also scrub through clips, zoom in and out, alter the display resolution for RAW clips and more.

Silverstack XT comes with HD-SDI output to play out clips in best quality on an HD-SDI monitor. The current clip in the player gets mirrored to the HD-SDI output showing the image in full-screen and 10 bit color depth.

Functionalities provided within the “Visual Controls” panel help to check the colors, focus and overall quality of your video clip.

You can also configure overlay frame lines over the clips in the playback window, as well as for the SDI output.

Silverstack offers audio playback of audio data embedded in video clips for preview and quality check.

You can de-squeeze clips recorded with anamorphic lenses, crop clips as well as flip and rotate clips in the “Processing” section of the General Info (right bar).



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