The Silverstack Main Screen

General Introduction


  • offers secure and reliable data backup and management of set data files directly on the film set.
  • allows you to perform multiple, verified copies at once. It logs all copy and backup activities, so that you have a complete overview of your production’s source clips.
  • is your digital library. It allows you to organize, search and filter your media resources like clips and metadata. Silverstack extracts and stores all metadata embedded in clips such as timecode, color information, etc. and makes it available for offline use (without the media at hand).
  • supports native playback for quality control of camera clips.
  • can export advanced, fully customizable camera reports that can include multiple thumbnails per clip, all data sizes, clips lists, detailed metadata and more.
  • lets you transfer all relevant information such as camera metadata, comments, captions, cue points/markers and scene, shot and take names to post production and editing tools. Thus all your annotations and quality check information find their way into your existing post-production workflow.

Silverstack is an application running on macOS.


Main Screen

  • 1. Offload: Start a copy/backup/offload process
  • 2. Library: The library outline with folders, bins, clips and documents
  • 3. Jobs View: Open the jobs view to monitor jobs (like transcoding or copy jobs)
  • 4. Clips List / Player: Switch between player and clips list view
  • 5. Create Camera Reports: Export a camera report
  • 6. Project Chooser: Create a new project or switch between projects
  • 7. General Info: Metadata list for the current clip


Further Reading



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