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Welcome to the Pomfort Family!

It’s great to see you taking your workflow to the next level with Livegrade Studio. Whether you’re a first-time user or have worked with Pomfort software before - this page is for you! We’ve compiled a bunch of valuable information and helpful resources to make sure you’re supported right from the start. Simply browse the different sections and get ready for your first project!

Primary Features

We’ve summarized Livegrade Studios’s primary features and settings in a few short articles, covering everything you need to know for starting your first project.


Livegrade Studio Hardware Setup

Hardware Setup

On-set digital imaging starts with building a hardware setup. Learn how to set up and configure devices for use with Livegrade Studio.

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The Livegrade Studio Main Screen

The Livegrade Studio Main Screen

Take a tour of the main screen to familiarize yourself with Livegrade Studio’s User Interface and available actions.

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Color Grading in Livegrade Studio

Color Grading

The grade editor lies at the heart of Livegrade Studio as it lets you visualize the DP’s intended look with powerful real-time color grading features. Check out all available grade controls!

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Livegrade Studio Slots


The Slot User Interface lets you control connected camera sources in separate slots. Learn how to manage and record your live video signals and how to keep track of automatic and manual metadata.

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Livegrade Studio Device Manager

Device Manager

Livegrade Studio supports a wide range of cameras, LUT boxes, video I/O cards, and monitors. Learn how to connect and configure your setup using the Device Manager.

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Livegrade Studio Export


Livegrade Studio allows exporting shot information into various formats, making it easy to pass on look information and metadata to other departments. Find the perfect fit for your workflow!

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Livegrade Studio Media Folders and Record Folder

Media Folders and Record Folder

Media files imported or recorded within Livegrade are stored in a designated “Media Folder”. Livegrade Studio even allows using multiple media folders in one project simultaneously. Learn all about them!

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Livegrade Studio Image Viewer

Image Viewer

The Image Viewer lets you monitor and QC your grades inside of Livegrade Studio’s User Interface and includes a wide range of controls for comparing live signals with reference material. Check out all available tools!

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Livegrade Studio Only Features:

Livegrade Studio Interactive Router Control

Interactive Router Control

Livegrade Studio users benefit from efficient router control optimized for multi-camera setups. Check out how to easily manage video routing using the Interactive Router Control Panel!

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Livegrade Studio Scripts and Automations

Scripts and Automations

Livegrade Studio includes advanced automation features. Learn how to accelerate your daily tasks using scripts!

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Livegrade Studio Dynamic Metada Recording

Dynamic Metada Recording

Livegrade Studio can record dynamic frame-accurate camera and lens metadata together with movie recordings. See how to record and share dynamic metadata!

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Livegrade Studio Built-in Third-Party Integrations

Built-in Third-Party Integrations

Livegrade Studio comes with built-in third party integrations for extended workflows. Explore how Livegrade Studio supports using the Colorfront Film engine of dedicated devices:

Using the Colorfront Film Grading Mode
Connecting QTake
The Colourlab Ai Integration

Knowledge Base

Access detailed documentation of all Livegrade Studio features in our Knowledge Base! Do you need more info about color grading, multi-camera set-ups or supported devices? Conveniently browse information by category or use the provided search bar.

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Are you more of a visual learner? Let these video tutorials guide you through a selection of Livegrade Studios’s main features.

Livegrade – Curves with Color Picker

The curve nodes in Livegrade and Silverstack Lab add powerful color controls to the Pomfort ecosystem and open up new creative possibilities. Grading with curves gets boosts in precision and efficiency, thanks to the color picker tool in Livegrade. This video shows how to build scene-accurate creative looks and precise secondary color corrections in no […]

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Livegrade – The Stream Deck Plugin: All Actions At Your Fingertips

Learn how to trigger Livegrade actions quickly and conveniently from Stream Deck devices without having to use a mouse or keyboard.

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Livegrade – Smart Groups: Structure Your Library

“Smart Groups” allow organizing shots quickly for flexible and efficient media management.

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Further Reading

Our editorial team constantly feeds the blog with exclusive production stories and educational articles. Check out the following pieces to start deepening your understanding of Livegrade Studio!

Building a Livegrade System – Use Cases and Configurations

Building a Livegrade System

In case you are thinking about starting live grading as part of your on-set service,…

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Color Grading Series Part 1-3 (Compilation Article)

Color Grading Series Part 1-3 (Compilation Article)

With the last update of Livegrade, numerous new features and grading controls have been added,…

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HDR Preview on Set with Livegrade – Part 1

HDR Preview on Set with Livegrade – Part 1

This is the first part of a series of articles about HDR production and the…

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Dynamic Metadata: Camera and Lens information for each Frame

Dynamic Metadata: Camera and Lens information for each Frame

In contemporary productions, communicating relevant metadata to the VFX department is increasingly demanded. Consequently, DITs…

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