Offload and Backup

Silverstack supports a secure, multi-destination backup process of any digital file format. The security is guaranteed by industry standard hash formats like for example MD5 and xxHash.

Flexible configuration of backup paths with file metadata, backup templates and a flexible management of verification behavior and job queues, among other features help you with your on-set backup tasks.

See Offload Clips and Backup Clips for more information on copying.

Silverstack can backup to any HDD, SSD and also to LTO via LTFS (XT only, LTFS Backup).


Media Formats with Advanced Camera Support

Generally, Silverstack can handle any file format for secure offload and backup. However, Silverstack provides advanced features for many camera formats to maximize the efficiency of relevant on-set tasks such as quality check, playback and metadata management.

This specific support for a broad range of camera formats is referred to as Advanced Camera Support.

Silverstack detects Broadcast Wave files automatically as audio and brings associated audio files together to create audio clips.

For a detailed list of the supported formats, please take a look at the article Assets in Silverstack. Some advanced RAW formats like e.g. Sony X-OCN are only supported in Silverstack XT.



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