First Steps

With Silverstack Lab

Welcome to the Pomfort Family!

It’s great to see you taking your workflow to the next level with Silverstack Lab. Whether you’re a first-time user or have worked with Pomfort software before - this page is for you! We’ve compiled a bunch of valuable information and helpful resources to make sure you’re supported right from the start. Simply browse the different sections and get ready for your first project!

Primary Features

We’ve summarized Silverstack Lab’s primary features and settings in a few short articles, covering everything you need to know to start your first project. Click on each topic to Read more!


Silverstack Lab Main Screen

The Main Screen

Take a tour of the main screen to familiarize yourself with Silverstack Lab’s User Interface and available actions.

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Silverstack Lab Offload and Backup

Offload and Backup

When source material reaches your workstation, it’s time to perform your first tasks! Learn how to offload clips into your Silverstack Lab library while copying them to one or several backup drives.

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Silverstack Lab Clip Library

The Clip Library

Once offloaded, the clip library allows you to organise, search and filter your media resources. Explore key features for managing your media assets.

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Silverstack Lab Jobs


Jobs refer to processes that are controlled by Silverstack Lab, like transcoding clips or verifying copies. Learn how to perform and manage them!

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Silverstack Lab Camera Reports

Camera Reports

To share your work with others, Silverstack Lab offers a range of professional reporting options. Explore different report types and learn how to customize them!

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Silverstack Lab Playback


Previewing source material is necessary to examine shot material and check quality. Get to know Silversatack Lab’s many play back controls!

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Dailies Creation

Silverstack Lab Audio Sync

Audio Sync

Bring together what belongs together: Learn how to sync audio and video clips by time code!

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Silverstack Lab Dailies Grading

Dailies Grading

Prepare footage for transcoding by matching imported or custom looks to clips.

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Silverstack Lab Transcoding


Silverstack Lab lets you convert video clips into proxy clips in all common formats. Check out how to perform and manage transcoding jobs.

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Silverstack Lab Export to Dailies Systems

Export to Dailies Systems

Find out how to export metadata and clips to common dailies platforms directly from within Silverstack Lab!

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Knowledge Base

Access detailed documentation of all Silverstack Lab features in our Knowledge Base! Do you need more info about offloading material, transcoding, or creating dailies? Conveniently browse information by category or use the provided search bar.

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Download Sample Footage for Silverstack Lab

Demo Project

Get Started Straight Away.

Don’t have footage yet but want to try out all of Silverstack Lab’s powerful features? No problem! We created an entire demo project for you to import and practice with. You can access the demo directly from within the software.

Demo details


Are you more of a visual learner? Let these video tutorials guide you through a selection of Silverstack Lab’s main features.

Introduction Video: Silverstack Lab

Silverstack Lab is a highly professional dailies software that perfectly adjusts to your needs. Learn more by watching the video!

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Silverstack Lab Tutorials: Part 1 – Automatic Audio Sync

Find out how to automatically sync audio and video based on time code in Silverstack Lab.

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Silverstack Lab Tutorials: Part 2 – Match On-Set Looks to Clips

Find out how to automatically match on-set looks and clips in Silverstack Lab.

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Silverstack Lab Tutorials: Part 3 – An Overview of the Dailies Creation Process

Get an overview of the dailies creation process in Silverstack Lab.

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Silverstack Lab Tutorials: Part 4 – 7 Tips for Dailies Creation

7 features that help you simplify and speed up your dailies creation process in Silverstack Lab.

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Further Reading

Our editorial team constantly feeds the blog with exclusive production stories and educational articles. Check out the following pieces to start deepening your understanding of Silverstack Lab!

3 Examples of How Silverstack Lab’s Transcoding Presets Simplify Dailies Creation

3 Examples of Working With Silverstack Lab's Transcoding Configurations

To convert digital film footage, every transcoding software requires two overall components: The source clips…

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4 Ways to Transfer Metadata With Your Dailies – and Why to Do It

4 Ways to Transfer Metadata With Your Dailies – and Why to Do It

When creating dailies on set or near set, you want to create them in a…

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3 Ways to Increase Your Productivity for Creating Dailies in Silverstack Lab

3 Ways to Increase Your Productivity for Creating Dailies

When you are assigned to run the complete process of secure media backups and creation…

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How to Configure Folder Structures for Netflix Productions with Silverstack

Silverstack Folder Structures for Netflix

To prepare on-set data assets for post-production, Netflix productions must create a folder structure that…

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Need Help?

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