Video Scopes in Silverstack XT

Silverstack comes with a set of typical video scope tools:

  • Waveform,
  • Histogram
  • Vector Scopes.

You can switch between different selections of tools in the List above the scopes area.

Video scopes with view “All Scopes” enabled

Show and hide scopes

You can show and hide the scopes area with the “Scopes” button in the toolbar. You can also “undock” the scopes area from the main window by clicking the window button on the right on top of the scopes area.


Each tool comes with its own settings. You can choose to show the desired settings panel in the gear menu besides the tool selection above the scopes area. The “Color Primaries” menu allows choosing the appropriate colorimetry (Rec.709 / Rec.2020) for your incoming video signal. With the “Auto” setting enabled the scopes switch to the correct colorimetry automatically based on the current slot’s output colorspace.

Video scopes with settings


The scopes always process the image currently shown in the selected slot. This can be a still frame as well as a live captured signal.

The video scopes in Livegrade always analyze the currently processed image. In order to see scopes of the original image, switch to the “Original” viewing mode for the slot.

Result curve

The waveform panel shows also a RGB curve of the resulting color transform. It represents the curve of all combined transforms including 3D LUTs and CDL transforms. You can disable the result curve in the Settings panel of the scopes.