Manage Members and Invitations


Access to ShotHub is limited to authorized users. A user is a person registered with an email address and a password.  (Learn more about the “Pomfort Account”: Registering to ShotHub)

The information of a ShotHub project can be shared among several users. Each project member has one role in the project.

Project Roles

  • Admin: The user that created the project has the admin role. The admin can view and upload metadata, invite further project members, and manage the project. There is only one admin per project.
  • Contributor: A contributor can view the project and all its metadata. The contributor can also upload metadata from Silverstack or Livegrade desktop applications.
  • Viewer: A viewer can only view the project and all its metadata, and is not able to upload metadata from a desktop application. Additionally a viewer of a Livegrade cloud project can retrieve looks from Silverstack desktop applications. Learn more: Look Matching with Silverstack Lab

The project information panel  showing project members

Inviting Project Members

New project members can be invited from the project information screen that is accessible via the project info button [i] in the header bar.

To invite a user click “Invite User” in the project configuration. Then you need to enter the user’s email address and choose the desired role and permissions for that user. 

As an option you can choose a default or custom table columns preset for the new project member. This is the table column preset he or she will see by default when logging in the first time. In addition every project member can still create its own individual presets for the table views. You can also grant specific permissions to the project member, for example if he or she should be able to see the uploaded clip thumbnails or not. Finally you can enter a personal invitation message that gets included into the invitation email.

The invited user will receive an email about the invitation with a link to accept it. If the user doesn’t have a Pomfort Account yet, the user will create one as part of the invitation acceptance process. The invitation will show up as pending in the list of project members until the invited user accepted it. Once the invited user accepts the invitation, he or she will be able to see the project in the project list and use it according to the assigned role.

NOTE: For free plan projects the role viewer and the column layout “Free Plan” is preselected and not changeable.

Learn more: Look Matching with Silverstack Lab