Creating bug reports for synced projects

Please follow these steps:

1. Finding the .sync.sqlite files:

1.1. Locate the Library folder in Finder through the File menu and quit Silverstack afterwards:

1.2. Find the all the files with the extension .sync.sqlite and zip them:

1.3. Keep the resulting .zip file to send it to us.

2. Create the file:

2.1 First move to the Desktop and create a Folder named SSTSyncServiceLogs

2.2 Restart Silverstack and wait for the error to show up.

2.3 Switch to a new project in Silverstack.

2.4 Quit Silverstack.

2.5 Zip the folder SSTSyncServiceLogs on your Desktop.

2.6. Re-name the resulting folder as and keep it to send it to us.

3. Create the file:

3.1 Delete the contents inside SSTSyncServiceLogs on your Desktop and restart Silverstack again.

3.2 Perform a “Add project from shothub” with the project in question and check if that works:

3.3 Quit Silverstack.

3.4 Zip the folder SSTSyncServiceLogs on your Desktop.

3.5. Re-name the resulting zip as and keep it to send it to us.

4. Gather all the resulting zip files from steps 1, 2 and 3 and send them to us, so that the Silverstack Development team can take a closer look at the logs. We usually recommend using Dropbox, Wetransfer, or a similar file sharing service in these cases, as the file attachment limit on Zendesk is quite low.

5. Finally, delete the SSTSyncServiceLogs foledr on your Desktop. When such a folder is present, all server communication will be logged there. It can grow very big if left in place.