Custom Metadata Fields

Silverstack offers a set of six outstanding flexible metadata fields. Like most of the available metadata fields in the Silverstack library, the fields Custom 1…6  can be used freely to add information to the clips. However, these special fields also allow an individual title to reflect their intent, e.g. “Comments from script supervisor”. The custom titles are displayed in the Silverstack library’s main table header and the general info and help stay organized.

Custom Field in the Silverstack library

The default titles “Custom 1”, “Custom 2”, … can be adjusted in the projects preferences and can be set for each project individually.

Custom Field Titles in the Project prefs


Using Custom Fields to Read Additional Metadata

Renaming the custom field titles in the Silverstack preferences with certain keywords will make them receive indicated metadata from supported clips.

Special Keywords

  • “TC UBits” or “UBITS”
    • Gets the timecode user bits information from audio clips
  • “Audio Comment”
    • Gets the audio note/comment from audio clips
  • “ISO”
    • Additionally read ISO value from Sony clips

Generic Keywords

Besides the special keywords, you can use any metadatum name as sepcified in the header info tab to automatically extract the correspondent data of clips during ingest.

Use exact metadatum names from the header info tab as title for custom fields to extract special metadata automatically.

For example, naming a custom field “R3d Media Serial Number will automatically populate the custom field with the corresponding value during ingest (if the metadatum is available in the clip header).

Import Metadata

When importing metadata renaming the custom fields is helpful to get additional metadata, see also Import Metadata from Zoelog 

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