Setting Up Stream Deck in Silverstack

This article covers features which are only available in Silverstack Lab.

Silverstack Lab integrates with Elgato Stream Deck so that you can map Silverstack actions using the Stream Deck app and trigger those actions from your Stream Deck USB controllers.

Once you have installed Elgato’s latest Stream Deck app, install the Stream Deck plugin in Silverstack Lab by choosing “Install Stream Deck Plugin…” from the “Silverstack Lab” Menu.


The Silverstack Lab Stream Deck Plugin has pre-defined profiles for Stream Deck devices of different sizes. For the Stream Deck XL, the first page consists of controls to navigate through the library and trigger frequent actions like offloads, reports, and backups; The second page focuses on playback controls and QC.


Special Actions

Any action from Silverstack Lab’s main menu is available for mapping in the Stream Deck app. Some additional actions are specifically designed to control Silverstack Lab with a Stream Deck device even more conveniently:

  • Quick Offload (last mounted volume)
    The button shows the name of the volume that was last mounted. One keypress opens the offload wizard for the indicated volume, and a second press on the same button will trigger the offload with default configuration.
  • Quick Transcoding, Report and Backup
    Like the quick offload button, those actions allow you to open and step through the wizards with the same button. No additional mouse or keyboard interaction is required to trigger the indicated action with the default configuration.
  • Navigate Folders (customizable)
    This action is for navigating through the library tree. Yiz can configured it to

    • directly jump to the newest media bin in the library (the one that was offloaded last)
    • to the previous or next folder or
    • to a parent or subfolder.
  • Navigate Clips (customizable)
    It can be set to jump to the next or previous clip in the library (e.g., to check different metadata in the General Info panel). For convenient navigation during playback, we recommend the (orange) buttons in the Playback section.

Your Feedback

Let us know how you use your Stream Deck device to control Silverstack Lab and what further actions we should add next for even smoother workflows. We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback at