Silverstack Trial Version

All Silverstack products can be evaluated in a 10 days trial period.

Trial Download

You can download the .dmg to install the software on our website:

While the basic version of Silverstack and Silverstack XT share the same .dmg image to be installed Silverstack Lab requires a separate .dmg to be downloaded. You can switch between trialing Silverstack or Silverstack XT in the application main menu selecting “Silverstack > Trial Mode > Basic / XT”.

The status of your trial can be easily identified with the “TRIAL” badge in the upper toolbar of Silverstack (see figure 1).

figure 1: Silverstack in trial mode

figure 1: Silverstack in trial mode

Trial Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to the trial version:

  • The trial version can be used without a license for 10 days. After installing a purchased license the content and state of the library remain and can be adopted for further use.
  • During the trial period all file and folder names on offload destinations will be extended by “_trial_”.
  • All clips transcoded with Silverstack will show a watermark.

A valid Silverstack license can be purchased through our web store. After purchasing a license you can enter the key directly in the license manager of your Silverstack trial version. Go to the main menu selecting “Silverstack > Licenses…” .

After the Trial

If you do not enter a license key, after the 10 days trial period the Silverstack version on your computer will be restricted to a read-only mode from then on (figure 2).

figure 2: Silverstack in read-only mode

figure 2: Silverstack in read-only mode

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