Silverstack 3: Reset Library and Preferences

Warning: This can’t be undone, deleting the library will delete all custom metadata, clip references and thumbnails. The actual clips won’t be deleted.


Deleting Silverstack’s library

If Silverstack 3 shows a message reading “Your Silverstack installation might be corrupted”, you should remove Silverstack’s Library/database from its default location. Please follow these steps:

  • Quit Silverstack
  • In a Finder window press Command-Shift-G (⌘⇧G) and enter:

~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/Silverstack3

  • Locate the Silverstack3 folder and rename it to Silverstack3_corrupt
  • Start Silverstack again, it will automatically create a new fresh library.


Deleting Silverstack’s preferences

  • Quit Silverstack
  • Create a copy/backup of the following file (optional)


  • Open up the Terminal application (type terminal in your spotlight or navigate within the Utilities folder of your application folder)
  • Type the following command in your terminal window

defaults delete com.pomfort.Silverstack3

  • Start Silverstack


If you still experience issues with the software, please contact our support team.