Reset Silverstack’s Library and Preferences

In the unusual event of Silverstack not being able to launch, you will have to reset the preferences and delete Silverstack’s library.


Warning: This can’t be undone, deleting the library will delete all custom metadata, clip references and thumbnails. The actual clips won’t be deleted.


Deleting Silverstack’s library

To do so, close Silverstack and delete the folder matching your Silverstack version in your home directory:

  • Quit Silverstack
  • Rename the according folder in your home directory:
  • For Silverstack 7: ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/Silverstack7
  • For Silverstack 6: ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/Silverstack6
  • For Silverstack Lab 7: ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/SilverstackLab7
  •                For Silverstack Lab 6: ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/SilverstackLab6
  • For Silverstack 5: ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/Silverstack5
  • For Silverstack 4: ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/Silverstack4

The Library folder is hidden by default. You can open the Library folder in Finder when opening the “Go” menu and holding the “alt” key. You will see an extra entry “Library” in the “Go” menu. Choose this entry and a Finder window will open with the Library folder.

  • Start Silverstack again, it will automatically create a new library.


Deleting Silverstack’s preferences

  • Quit Silverstack
  • Create a copy/backup of the following file matching your Silverstack version (optional):

For Silverstack 7: ~/Library/Preferences/com.pomfort.Silverstack7.plist

               For Silverstack 6: ~/Library/Preferences/com.pomfort.Silverstack6.plist

For Silverstack Lab 7: ~/Library/Preferences/com.pomfort.SilverstackLab7.plist

               For Silverstack Lab 6: ~/Library/Preferences/com.pomfort.SilverstackLab6.plist

For Silverstack 5: ~/Library/Preferences/com.pomfort.Silverstack5.plist

For Silverstack 4: ~/Library/Preferences/com.pomfort.Silverstack4.plist

  • Open up the Terminal application (type terminal in your spotlight or navigate within the Utilities folder of your application folder)
  • Type the following command in your terminal window matching your Silverstack version:

For Silverstack 7: defaults delete com.pomfort.Silverstack7

For Silverstack Lab 7: defaults delete com.pomfort.SilverstackLab7

For Silverstack 6: defaults delete com.pomfort.Silverstack6

For Silverstack Lab 6: defaults delete com.pomfort.SilverstackLab6

Start Silverstack

Now Silverstack should start as usual with a fresh library. If you still experience issues, please contact our support team.


The previous instructions are for Silverstack 6, Silverstack Lab 6, 5 and 4. If you are using Silverstack 3, please read the article Silverstack 3: Reset Library and Preferences.