I Have a Problem with the License

The activation of the license doesn’t work

The license is already activated

According to our software license agreement, each Silverstack license can be active in one computer at a time. However, the license key can be deactivated and reactivated as many times as needed. The article Migrate a license from one computer to another will help you in the process.

The license key has a wrong format

If the key has a wrong format, you won’t be able to activate it. Generally, the license key has the following format:


Make sure that no spaces are left when entering the key. We recommend to copy and paste the license key directly from the purchase email to avoid any error.

Alternatively you can also log in to your Pomfort Account to look up your license key and copy it from there.

No internet connection

Silverstack needs an internet connection in order to activate and deactivate licenses. Once the license key is active, you can use Silverstack without a connection.


Using a wrong Silverstack version

Each Silverstack version needs a certain license. The license purchase email we have sent you should show for which Silverstack version the license is issued. Your Silverstack subscription license will always work with the latest version of Silverstack which currently is Silverstack 7. Your subscription will also allow you to work with Silverstack 6 and Silverstack 5.

Additionally your Silverstack Lab 7 subscription will allow you to work with Silverstack 7, 6 and Silverstack 5.

For older versions see:

Silverstack 3 download link

Pomfort download section


The license is expired

A Temporary license is expired

Silverstack is available as temporary licenses (e.g. for 1 month). Maybe your license simply expired.

You can check the expiration date of your license either directly in the software, or by logging into your Pomfort Account

Visit http://pomfort.com/store/silverstack for a new license.

System time is wrong

When the system time on your computer is wrong, the license may not work. Make sure that time and date is set properly in macOS’s System Preferences.

The Trial Version message is shown

For any questions related to the trial version, please read the article Trial Version.

If none of the solutions described above have solved your licensing issues, please contact our support team.