How to Manually Migrate Silverstack Projects to Silverstack Lab

If you are a user of Silverstack you might want to migrate your projects to Silverstack Lab. There is an easy process to perform this migration.

Locating the Library Folders

Silverstack and Silverstack Lab have different library folders that contain the projects. You will find them at the following paths on your Mac:

            ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/Silverstack7

            ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/SilverstackLab7

You can also navigate to the folders from the Main Menu of Silverstack or Lab. Select “Silverstack>Show Library in Finder” in the main menu bar at the top of the screen. This will open the project folder an bring you to the Silverstack.psdb file of your currently opened project. From there you can go two directories backwards to find yourself at the directory of the Silverstack library folders.

Migrating the Library

  1. Close Silverstack
  2. Rename the library folder (e.g. SilverstackLab7) in the directory  ~/Library/Application Support/Pomfort/ to “SilverstackLab7_old” (you will need that folder to keep new projects)
  3. Open Silverstack Lab
  4. Just like when you started Silverstack Lab from scratch the first time you will be asked if you want to migrate your libraries from another version or want to start clean:
Fig. 1: The migration panel

Fig. 1: The migration panel


5. Choose “Copy Existing Projects” to migrate your Silverstack libraries.

6. The library migration assistant will keep you updated on the process and tell you when the migration has finished:

Figure 2: The library migration assistant

Figure 2: The library migration assistant


7. You can now use Silverstack Lab with your projects from Silverstack .


Please note that for large libraries the process can take several minutes. During that time Silverstack will become unresponsive. Leave the system running and the migration process will come to a solid finish.


Keeping Projects from Before the Migration

If you want to keep projects you created in Silverstack  before the migration process you can do that by copying the project folders:

  1. Close Silverstack.
  2. Go to the previously renamed “SilverstackLab7_old” folder.
  3. Select the projects you want to take over to your migrated Silverstack Lab library (projects folder usually are named like “Project-1F342864AF90”)
  4. Copy them to the Silverstack Lab folder that was automatically created during the migration.
  5. Start Silverstack Lab

You will then have all your migrated and the previously created projects in Silverstack Lab together at one place.

If you want you can then delete the “SilverstackLab7_old” folder because now your current Silverstack Lab  library contains all your projects from Silverstack and Silverstack Lab.