Change Log for Silverstack


Silverstack - 7.4.2

Wed, 21 Jul 2021


  • Added support for ALEXA Mini LF Format "2.8K LF 1:1 – 2.8K" (SUP 7.1)
  • Applying crop to ALEXA Mini LF ProRes clips (when indicated in metadata)


  • Fixed: Slow thumbnail and still creation of RED clips one some machines
  • Fixed: PSLA-Exports of libraries are missing internal audio track information of ARRIRAW-HDE clips

Silverstack - 7.4.1

Mon, 05 Jul 2021


  • Fixed: Import of Silverstack Library Archive files (.psla) with option "into new project" could cause hang
  • Fixed: Some DNG clips were rendered with green tint
  • Fixed: Extraction of dynamic metadata failed on some ARRIRAW clips

Silverstack - 7.4

Thu, 24 Jun 2021


  • Added: Slack Notifications
    Send job notifications from Silverstack to a Slack workspace.
  • Added: Japanese Localization
    Silverstack user interface now available in Japanese.
  • Added: Native support for Apple Silicon M1 Mac
  • Added: Support for ZEISS Lens Correction File (ZLCF) version 3 (ZLCF 3)
  • Added: Enable to set colorspace tag to "PQ" in HEVC and ProRes transcodes
  • Added: Additional "Scene-Take Export Format" option in ALE export wizard
  • Added: Show global Silverstack progress bar under app icon in dock
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to version 2.1
  • Updated AJA SDK to version 16


  • Fixes and usability improvements for restoring library backups
  • Fixed: Look matching from ShotHub was not working with larger projects in certain cases
  • Fixed: Custom table view layouts were not restored after app restart on macOS 11
  • Fixed: Blackmagic RAW clips were cropped when decoding resolution is not full resolution
  • Fixed: Remaining space on volume was displayed incorrectly when copying to APFS volumes
  • Fixed: Main window width did expand to larger than screen using alt + expand
  • Fixed: Current frame of clip in grid view was jumping to the first frame instead of staying at current when loading a look
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.3.1

Tue, 13 Apr 2021


  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to version 2.0


  • Fixed: On machines with a second, dedicated GPU and automatic graphics switching enabled in macOS preferences, the playback view was not working on initial access in some cases
  • Fixed: Option "don't show again" was not available for deprecated macOS alert on startup of application
  • Fixed: When exporting looks from clips and using path wildcard "Library folder name" it didn't resolve and "No library folder name" was shown

Silverstack - 7.3

Wed, 10 Mar 2021


  • Added: Export dynamic metadata per clip to a CSV file
  • Added: Use multiple still image export presets in parallel
  • Updated Canon CRM SDK to version 2.6


  • Added: Enabled frame lines in Still Image Export presets for Silverstack XT
  • Fixed: Reenabled frame line burn ins in exported still images when enabled in visual controls
  • Fixed: Removed non-functional clips overview from Volumes report
  • Fixed: Canon C70 clips were not detected with correct format detection
  • Fixed: RED Komodo clips were not displayed with right color space and gamma transforms using look from "File"
  • Fixed: Settings file (.psconfig) was opened from Finder with Silverstack ingest dialog and not with import settings dialog
  • Added: Hint in alert that reboot can help when Macintosh HD is mounted twice in some situations on macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.2.5

Thu, 04 Feb 2021


  • Prepared for macOS 11 Big Sur


  • Fixed: Recording color space field showed "Film Matrix" in to Log-C for ARRI MXF clips
  • Fixed: "Sync Audio..." was available in audio panel gear menu in Silverstack XT
  • Fixed: Histogram did not work when running under Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.2.4

Tue, 08 Dec 2020


  • Fixed: Some windows unintentionally shown in Dark Mode
  • Fixed: Transcoded Clips's bins reingest behavior unintentionally changed
  • Fixed: Open dialog for choosing folder for report export did not show a "New Folder" button
  • Further smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.2.3

Wed, 25 Nov 2020


  • Added: Take over slate metadata from audio clips to video clips by TC in Silverstack XT
  • Added: Export EDL with CDL values
  • Added: Look matching improvements
    Only use looks from shots with labels, restrict library clip name for matching, mark only selected option and UI simplifications.
  • Added: Grading node improvements
    Six primary curve points for HSL curves and control of curve points without mouse.
  • Added: Rename "Transcoded Clips" folder and create folders inside to structure transcoded clips bins easier
  • Added: Finishing state for transcoding jobs now shows progress percentage


  • Fixed: "Focal Length" of lens was missing in exported ALE
  • Fixed: Scopes were not shown anymore when using playback view on second display or Miniplayer
  • Fixed: Duration was not shown for specific labels in Shooting Day report
  • Fixed: LMT node settings were not transmitted in PSLA export/import
  • Fixed: In some cases audio clips in manual sync popover could not be played back
  • Fixed: "Frames" for clips were always "0" in Camera Sums summary on Shooting Day report
  • Fixed: "Edit tags" text field disappeared with many tags used and default scaling for display
  • Improved: Now avoiding invalid selection of project selector when project switching cannot be done e.g. due to running jobs
  • Adaptations for visual issues on macOS 11 (10.16)
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.2.2

Mon, 28 Sep 2020


  • Added: Import and match CSV file with metadata from Drylab Set Report 3
  • Added: New "Recorder Info" path wildcard section with e.g. camera model available as offload path wildcards
  • Added: User LUTs from watchfolder available in 3D LUT node presets menu
  • Prepared for upcoming ShotHub update
  • Updated Canon RAW SDK
  • Updated RED SDK to version 7.3.4
  • Notice about Pomfort XML metadata export change in previous release 7.2.1
    "Camera Settings", "Edit/User", "EI/ISO (ASA)" and "White Balance" key tags were changed


  • Fixed: Looks only transmitted partially via PSLA when exporting from a library folder
  • Fixed: Specific DV and DVCPRO clips could cause crash
  • Fixed: If "Day/Night" or "Int/Ext" path wildcard is used but has no value, path held a "/" and therefore could create an unintended folder on export
  • Fixed: Preferences "CopyJobs" Tab "Transcoding" section was broken
  • Fixed: MHL creation could fail on sequence offload when a single task failed and job was suspendend
  • Fixed: Automatic desqueeze detection of 1.8 anamorphic was not working for REDRAW
  • Fixed: Possible validation error for audio clips
  • Fixed: ShotHub upload of clip backup resources could go wrong in certain case
  • Fixed: Framelines not visible in exported still image when using "Still Image Export" transcoding preset
  • Fixed: Filter field selection entry showed 'owner.userInfo.Custom' instead of front end name in search/filter field selection

Silverstack - 7.2.1

Thu, 20 Aug 2020


  • Fixed: Exported invalid Pomfort and Drylab Creator XML
  • Fixed: Clip Name path wildcard was not functional anymore
  • Fixed: Transcoding could fail with muted internal audio tracks and channel layout "All Tracks (Skip Muted Tracks)"
  • Fixed: Invalid audio mix state could occur after issuing transcoding job
  • Fixed: Video player image stretches when panning
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.2

Thu, 13 Aug 2020


  • Added: Look Matching via Pomfort ShotHub
    Retrieve shot information from Livegrade cloud projects
  • Added: RGB Curves for applying curve adjustments to individual color channels red, green and blue (XT only)
  • Added: Color curve modes “RGB-Based” and “Luma-Based” allow precise color curve adjustments with or without influencing luma of colors (XT only)
  • Added: "Custom Color Curve" allows applying curve adjustment to a custom color (XT only)
  • Added: "Hue-Sat-Lum Curves" allow secondary color corrections with curves for hue vs. hue, hue vs. saturation, hue vs. luma, luma vs. saturation and saturation vs. saturation (XT only)
  • Added: "Amount Sliders" allow fine tuning color grades by adjusting the intensity of grading nodes
  • Added: RGB master in printer lights can now be precisely adjusted using color panels
  • Added: More custom fields (Custom 4-6)
  • Added: New metadata fields
    Crew Unit, Shooting Day, Season, Int/Ext, Day/Night, Actors
  • Renamed metadata fields for consistency and improved structure of General Info (right bar)
    ASA -> EI/ISO (ASA), Whitepoint -> White Balance
  • Added: New wildcard "Clip Name Character" to reduce clip name length
  • Added: MovieSlate import now allows matching by clip name
  • Updated Codex HDE Decoder to version 3.4.2
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to version 1.8
  • Improved: Updates to contact support form


  • Fixed: Duration for certain 23.976 clips could be imprecise in some cases
  • Fixed: Look Matching wizard showed 0 clips offline when all clips are offline
  • Fixed: Canon clip's index.mif (e.g. C300) file not present could lead to crash
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.1.6

Tue, 28 Jul 2020


  • Updated RED SDK to version 7.2.1


  • Fixed: Mix of audio tracks was not sticky when changing clips (issue introduced in 7.1.5)
  • Fixed: Playback can hang using JKL controls with external video output device attached
  • Fixed: Card eject sometimes not possible with Blackmagic RAW after scanning

Silverstack - 7.1.5

Wed, 22 Jul 2020


  • Fixed: Issues with hangs and transcoding errors on macOS 10.15
  • Canon X-AVC and HEVC: extract Colorspace, scan and bit-depth.
  • Fixed: an audio-mix was sometimes not saved correctly after syncing audio.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when cancelling job
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.1.4

Thu, 25 Jun 2020


  • Added: Support for 16Bit DPX sequences


  • Fixed: Transcoding stalls could occur in certain cases on macOS 10.15
  • Fixed: Timecode for quicktime movies with 59.94fps drop TC could be wrong in some cases
  • Fixed: Crash when playing back video clips with more than 8 single audio clips synced
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.1.3

Thu, 23 Apr 2020


  • Added: ACES version 1.2.0 transforms available for download via application preferences
  • Added: Export of ACES Metadata (AMF) files for looks with ACES version 1.2

Silverstack - 7.1.2

Wed, 18 Mar 2020


  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to version 1.7


  • Fixed: Applying looks from the look library with double click did not take effect in some situations
  • Fixed: Audio toolbar with Audio Details panel access missing when user defaults are reset
  • Fixed: Playback view could hang with Sony X-OCN clips on macOS 10.15
  • Fixed: Setting in and out points with keyboard shortcuts "I" and "O" moved playhead to another position
  • Fixed: Timecode label was cut in player on second display
  • Fixed: Column selector was empty if custom field name was a column name that exists
  • Fixed: Changing the player's look/original display setting discarded the rotation setting
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.1.1

Thu, 05 Mar 2020


  • Fixed: Crash that could occur when adding new look to library
    Please make sure to use "Help > Contact Support / Report Problem" after application crash and send in a problem report

Silverstack - 7.1

Wed, 04 Mar 2020


  • Added: JKL Navigation - playback, jog, and shuttle using typical J, K, L keyboard shortcut controls
  • Added: Earlier Notice of Failed Files - failed tasks inside a job will now be clearly visible with yellow progress bar in the jobs overview
  • Improved: Jobs view - clearer job state display for better overview.
  • Added: Pop-up Warnings and Reminders for Unread Failed Jobs - you get warned about unread failed jobs and can set reminder notifications
  • Added: More transparent display of error causes - get details about more error causes directly in the jobs view.
  • Added: Create MHL File for Failed Jobs - possibility to create Media Hash List (.mhl) files for failed and cancelled job
  • Added: Support for RED Komodo - metadata library, thumbnails, playback and transcoding for upcoming RED Komodo camera (with RED SDK 7.2.1)
  • Added: Improved support for Tangent Wave and Wave2 - Customize the user interaction with the Tangent Mapper
  • Added: Smoother scrubbing through clips on SDI reference monitor


  • Fixed: Worked on height of preferences for display on smaller screens
  • Fixed: Volume not pre-selected for volumes report
  • Fixed: Look matching via PFLA can not handle timecode from LiveGrade that is formatted with ":" instead of "."
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.0.5

Tue, 11 Feb 2020


  • Fixed: Issues with audio reading for ARRI ProRes(MXF)
  • Improved: Generic input device took a lot of time scanning Sony RAW
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.0.4

Wed, 15 Jan 2020


  • Added: Read more metadata from Canon XF-AVC clips (for example for C500 MkII)
  • Added: Read more metadata from Blackmagic RAW (.braw) clips
  • Added: Audio support for HDE ARRIRAW (.arx) sequences


  • Fixed: Blackmagic video out device was not enabled again when release device in background option was on and then switching applications
  • Fixed: Canon Compressed RAW (.CRM) files could have wrong TC in some cases
  • Fixed: Timecode label was not fully visible in Second Display player
  • Fixed: Volumes report did only show restricted Clips Overview summary
  • Fixed: Possible hang when starting an offload in some cases
  • Fixed: Crash on startup that relates to Avid Artist Euphonix hardware grading panel software driver
  • Miscellaneous smaller fixes and improvements

Silverstack - 7.0.3

Thu, 05 Dec 2019


  • Added: Path wildcard "Custom..." option in ALE export for "Clip Name Export Information" to be able to compose "Name" column in ALE with wildcards
  • Added: Audio support for Canon .CRM Compressed RAW
  • Added: Option to overwrite report file names instead of uniquifying them
  • Added: "Optimize for Streaming" option for transcoding presets with H.264 codec
    Optimize for streaming was implicitly enabled previously but now is disabled by default, as enabling can have a negative performance impact on transcoding speed
  • Added: Option to enable dead pixel correction for Phantom .cine clips
  • Added: Support for ScopeBox v4
  • Updated Codex HDE decoding library to version 3.1.6
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to version 1.6
  • Updated sensor formats for ZEISS xD workflow


  • Fixed: Certain Phantom .cine clips could not be displayed
  • Fixed: It was not possible anymore to hide "Preview" column in table view
  • Fixed: "Tint" not equal to what was set in camera for Sony Venice X-OCN clips
  • Fixed: ND Filter "Clear" did not map to "0" for Sony Venice X-OCN clips
  • Fixed: Focus distance unit selection was not uploaded to Silverstack CLOUD
  • Fixed: "Camera Sums" summary column "Size" in project overview showed duration instead of size
  • Fixed: No response when no clip was selected and tried to open export wizards
  • Fixed: Some columns (e.g. "Rotation" or "Flip") in .CSV export received unclear numerical values
  • Fixed: Metadata burn in placeholders if no value is available showed different "N/A" representations in transcoding preview
  • Fixed: Custom wildcard for still export did not persist
  • Fixed: "Use 60@30 for timecode display" option was not reflected for export of ALEs
  • Fixed: When transcoding to SMB volumes temporary files remained after job finishes when optimize for streaming was enabled
  • Fixed: Playback issues could occur with Photo JPEG clips (e.g. Canon 5D Mk. IV)
  • Fixed: "Scanning..." label in offload wizard was displayed on top left
  • Fixed: Jobs triangle in main window bottom bar missed upper corner
  • Fixed: Zoom factor could become wrong when moving player window between different screen resolutions

Silverstack - 7.0.2

Thu, 07 Nov 2019


  • Added: Option to choose clip table content of CSV export, for example to ignore other (non-clip) files for the export
  • Added: "Excluding first and last" option for "Path Components" metadata path wildcard
  • Added: "Unique Identifier" metadata path wildcard for transcoding wizard to generate unique ID for paths or file names
  • Updated: Added more metadata to clip metadata .csv file in DaVinci Resolve export


  • Fixed: Possible transcoding error when transcoding JPEG image sequences
  • Fixed: "Destination Codec" wildcard in transcoding did not resolve correctly in some cases
  • Fixed: Possible crashes in still export and scope calculation
  • Fixed: "Volumes" view could have been displayed incorrectly in some cases
  • Fixed: Use values of source clip name for "Source File Name" reel options in Adobe Premiere Pro export

Silverstack - 7.0.1

Tue, 29 Oct 2019


  • Improvements and Bugfixes for Silverstack Cloud


  • Library related wildcards did not resolve in offload or backup.
  • Unexpected aborts of transcoding tasks under certain conditions.
  • Cue point names missing in reports.
  • Vertically flipped clips could have a wrongly set rotation on ingest.
  • Thumbnails in reports could render in low quality.



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