ShotID as clip identifier

The ShotID is a short code to reference clips across multiple work places and make their metadata easily accessible.

ShotID to Share Clip Metadata

The ShotID is an identifier, created for each clip individually when added to the Silverstack library. It consists of 9 characters in a unified format, that is easy to read and pass along, e.g. A1C-D2F-G3H.

When the library is uploaded to ShotHub, typing-in the ShotID into ShotHub’s search field reveals a detail overview page with all available clip information. Wrapped as ShotID link (e.g. in emails or text messages, all of the clip’s information it is just one click away.

Precondition to access clip information via ShotID link is that you are a member of the ShotHub project. Learn more: Manage Members and Invitations

ShotID in Silverstack

Just like other metadata fields, the ShotID is displayed in Silverstack’s clips table and in the general info tab of the right sidebar. It can be included with its link in PDF reports as well as in CSV- and ALE-exports. When the clip’s information is uploaded to ShotHub, a Remote Resource shows up in the file tab, that lists the name of the connected cloud project, the ShotID and offers buttons to copy or open the ShotID link.
In transcodes, the ShotID can be burned-in as text or QR-code link to reference it’s source clip information in the corresponding ShotHub cloud project.