Shooting Day Reports

The Shooting Day Report gives you production information about the clips you have offloaded.

Shooting Day Report basic menu

Basic Options

You can include the following summaries:

  • Project
    • Production Info
    • Clips Overview
    • Workflow
  • User Info
    • Labels & Flags
    • Ratings
  • Library
    • Backups
    • Bins
  • Video
    • Video Reels
    • Camera Sums
    • Video Formats
  • Audio
    • Audio Tapes
    • Audio Formats

Advanced Options

Shooting Day Report advanced menu


  • Show percentage bars: The percentage bars on the right of each line of a summary show the share in the summary based on total clips in the summary.

Enter production information like Director, Cinematographer and DIT in the production field in the tab project overview, and show it by enabling the summary “Production Info” (see basic options above).


Figure 3: Example of a shooting day report - PDF

Example of a Shooting Day Report – click to get a closer look