Using Silverstack’s Full Screen Mode

Silverstack provides a full screen mode. It can be used in both single and multi monitor setups.


full screen mode

full screen mode


Enter Full Screen

To enter full screen, press ⇧⌘F or choose “View -> Full Screen” from the Silverstack menu. Please note that you have to be in either the list,collection or player view.

When in Full Screen you can access the timeline by moving the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen. You can hide the timecode HUD by clicking the small x in the top left. You can show it again, by choosing “View -> Show Timecode HUD” from the menu.


Single Monitor Setup

In single monitor setups the full screen mode hides all other user interface elements and only shows the clip and some overlays.


Multiple Monitor Setup

When you have more than one display attached to your Mac you can display the clips on one screen while you can browse the Silverstack library on another one. For more information, please check the article Second Display: Two Screen Working Environment in Silverstack.



HD-SDI Output

Silverstack also comes with HD-SDI output to play out ingested clips in best quality for QC on an HD-SDI monitor. The current clip in the player gets mirrored to the HD-SDI output showing the image in full-screen and 10 bit color depth. For more information, please check the article HD-SDI Output in Silverstack.