Still image export

Silverstack lets you export still images from single frames of clips. Simply move the playhead to the desired frame and select “Clip > Create Still Image” from the main menu as shown in figure 1:


figure 1: still frame export

figure 1: still image export


There are different settings and formats available for this feature in the Preferences menu:

figure 2: still frame preferences

figure 2: still frame preferences

The following options and actions are available:

  • Directory to Store Stills: Choose the directory to store your still grabs on your system by clicking the “Choose…” button.


  • Naming Scheme: With the naming scheme you can define the naming for the exported still images.
    • There are multiple preset options available: 
    • In addition the “Custom:” option allows to build a file name based on the metadata of the clip the still is exported from. By clicking “Customize…” you can open the metadata wildcards panel and choose from the available wildcards to build a custom file name scheme:  
  • Image Format: The available image formats for exporting frames are:
    • JPEG – 8-Bit, 90% Quality
    • TIFF – 8-Bit, Uncompressed
    • TIFF – 16-Bit, Uncompressed
  • Color Mode: The different color modes are:
    • As currently shown in player
    • Original color
    • Both: Exports two images with both of the above settings – one as shown in player and the other with the original color.


Exporting Multiple Still Images and Contextual Still Frame Selection

Silverstack can export multiple still images at once when either selecting multiple clips in the table or collection view or in the timeline of the player. The still frame position that is used for the export depends on the context in the software.

Following a “what you see is what you get” approach the selected frame for the still image export follows the context in the software:

  • Player and Timeline: Current frame of each selected clip (indicated by the timeline ruler).
  • Table & Collection View: Thumbnail image that is displayed in the table and collection view

You can set the position for the thumbnail image creation in the preferences and can recreate still images based on the same position. Learn more about this in the article Choosing Custom Thumbnail Images.