Certain processes in Silverstack run in jobs. In a Silverstack context the word “job” refers to processes that Silverstack controls. Those processes are:

  • Offload
  • Backup
  • Verification
  • Transcoding
  • Relink
  • Upload

You can trigger all of these processes from the Silverstack main window, however after scheduling them they are:

  • accessible for monitoring and management in the jobs view.
  • running in the background while the app is still usable.

The jobs view is accessible from the button in the lower left corner. You can access all kinds of information for jobs including an ETA (estimated time of arrival), a state (whether they are waiting for execution, are running, finished successfully or failed) and more metadata in the jobs view.

Multiple job queues are available (e.g. for copy and transcoding) that enable a parallel execution of multiple jobs and job types. Job settings can be configured in the “Copy&Jobs” tab of the application preferences.

You can reorder waiting jobs with drag&drop to optimize the order of execution.

If jobs finish they move to the lower part of the jobs view and the right bar reveals details about the job. This can include information about why a job might have failed and also offer actions like e.g. to retry.



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