The Silverstack Lab Main Screen

General Introduction

Silverstack Lab extends the data management capabilities of Silverstack, with all the necessary functionality for dailies creation, and comes with:

  • A high performance transcoding engine
  • An automated audio sync function
  • A powerful dailies grading engine
  • The power to create Avid DNx, ProRes, and H.264/HEVC clips in various resolutions at the same time
  • A clip library extension that simplifies the management of transcodes
  • Direct integrations with common dailies systems
  • 10bit HD-SDI output
  • The complete data management feature set of Silverstack XT.

Silverstack Lab is an application running on macOS.

Main Screen

Main screen (click to enlarge)

  • 1. Offload / Add Clips: Copy clips or simply add them to the library
  • 2. Library: The library outline with folders, bins, clips and documents
  • 3. Jobs View: Open the jobs view to monitor jobs (like transcoding or copy jobs)
  • 4. Clips List / Player: Switch between player and clips list view
  • 5. Transcode: Start a transcoding job
  • 6. Grade Controls: Work on the look
  • 7. Transcoding Presets: Create transcoding presets with detailed settings


Further Reading