Uploading Files to Sony’s Ci Media Cloud

This article covers features which are only available in Silverstack Lab.

With Silverstack Lab, you can upload clips to Sony’s Ci Media Cloud via a file request URL. Learn more about file requests and how to create them in the Sony’s Ci Media Cloud user guide.

Starting the Upload wizard

In Silverstack’s library, choose the bin or folder that contains the clips for upload.

Open the Media menu in the toolbar and select “Upload Clips to Ci Media Cloud…”.

Open the upload wizard from the Media menu

Choosing File Locations

In the first step of the upload wizard, you can choose which clips will be uploaded and from which volumes the files shall be read.

Enter and Validate the Ci Media Cloud File Request URL

Enter the Ci Media Cloud file request URL in the text field. The URL is checked, and – if valid – additional information is retrieved and displayed.


File Request Information

Starting the Upload Job

Click “Start Upload” to start the upload job.

You can review the status of upload jobs in the bottom bar and Silverstack’s jobs panel. In addition, pausing and resuming upload jobs is possible in the context menu.

Ci Media Cloud Upload Status


The file panel stores a reference to the upload location as a remote resource. The information can also be added to reports.

Ci Media Cloud Remote Resources in the Silverstack Library and Reports