Multiple simultaneous copy jobs in Silverstack

If you have multiple card readers, a card reader with multiple slots, or just want to tweak your copy performance you may simply increase the number of files that are copied in parallel, since Silverstack is capable of doing multiple copy jobs and tasks at once.


  • Multiple jobs: Referring to  e.g. copy of multiple cards in parallel (multiple started copy jobs from the offload wizard)
  • Multiple tasks: Referring to multiple files copied in parallel (e.g. copying multiple files of one card in parallel)


An overview of article with more information about jobs in Silverstack can be found here.

A good starting point if you are not familiar with the innards of data-transfer would be reading the article “Factors for data transfer performance”.


By default Silverstack copies files and clips successively. We have also some hints on how you can improve your performance by reading the article “Analyzing and improving data-transfer performance”.

Silverstack's copy preferences

Silverstack’s copy preferences


Do you have multiple copy jobs to be done simultaneously because you have more than one card-reader ?

In order to change the number of parallel jobs done by Silverstack you have to go to general preferences and modify the value in «Number of parallel jobs» (see preferences screenshot above).


Do you want to tweak the copy performance by running multiple tasks in parallel?

Please note that your destination(s) should provide the necessary bandwidth. A slow destination (such as a USB2 drive) could result in a reduced overall performance. Therefore if you have not read the article about data-transfer performance and you are not familiar with it, then this is the best way to avoid frustration and weak performance.

Simply modify the value in «Number of parallel tasks» in order to be able to increase the number of simultaneous copy tasks in Silverstack.

Options for number of parallel tasks:

  • “1 (Optimized, Recommended)” (default setting) will copy sequentially in alphabetical order while small files will be copied last to Optimize the copy process.
  • “1 (Strictly Sequential)” will copy files in alphabetical order without regards to file size.
  • Run 2-8 tasks in parallel: Select the intended number from the pop up menu. Usually a value of 1 – 3 is suitable.

 Please note that due to hard disk mechanics (when using HDDs) you can not set that number too high because otherwise this will cause a performance penalty (depending on your personal hardware). If you encounter any problems reset the value to 1.