Managing jobs


figure 1: Jobs panel UI

figure 1: Jobs panel UI


The Jobs panel shows all the running or finished jobs in Silverstack. This panel is divided in two main parts: running jobs (figure 1 #1) and jobs history (figure 1 #4). The items shown in the jobs history can be filtered using the buttons and search field shown in figure 1 #2.

Different kinds of jobs are displayed in the jobs panel:

  • Offload jobs
  • Backup Jobs
  • Verification jobs
  • Transcoding jobs

When a job is selected, its details are displayed in the right panel. Figure 1 #3 shows general information about the job. Figure 1 #6 shows specific information about the kind of job selected, like average copy speed or the setting used in an offloading job.



The behavior in Silverstack when restarting a job has been improved since v4. When a job is marked as «failed» or «aborted» by the user (figure 1 #5), it can be restarted and Silverstack will only resume the missing files from the job.


Special cases

Cascading Copy jobs are split into two different items in the jobs panel. The first of the jobs shows the «1st Run» copy and the second one the «2nd Run» copy.

Backup to LTFS jobs are also split into two jobs. The first job is the copy job and the second one is the verification process.




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