Jobs Summary

The jobs summary in Silverstack can be opened by clicking on the element located bottom right in the lower toolbar.

It provides an overview of all types of finished jobs in Silverstack directly in the main window, without the need to go to the full jobs view (accessible bottom left through “Jobs”).

It is intended to help the user to keep a condensed overview of all jobs he is taking care of.

The view is grouped by the state of finished jobs and each job state has its delimited element showing the number of such jobs:

  • Failed Jobs (red)
  • Cancelled Jobs (grey)
  • Complete Jobs (green)

The jobs summary accessible in the Silverstack main window.

Mark as Read/Unread

Jobs in the jobs summary can be marked as read, which will hide them from the jobs summary. This is intended to have a simple and clear overview for the user about the general status of the jobs he is taking care of and for which jobs he still might have to take action.

All details about the jobs are still accessible in the jobs view. Jobs can be marked as unread again in the context menu (right click) of a job in the jobs view, which will show them again in the jobs summary.

More actions include:

  • Mark as Read:
    • Completed: Marks all successfully completed (ok) jobs as read and hides them from the summary
    • All: Marks all jobs (independent of their state) as read and hides them from the summary
  • Reveal: The icon besides the job name (>) allows to reveal the job in the jobs summary

Additionally, you can execute actions for the jobs directly from the jobs summary. Please see the article Managing Jobs in the Jobs View for more general information about actions for jobs.

Job Summary per Volume

With many jobs running from and to various volumes, it is helpful to have a condensed overview of the job status per volume, for example, to identify which volumes are “ready” and can be ejected and passed on. You can activate an enhancement of the offload menu that displays the count of related jobs per volume:

  • running/queued: blue
  • failed: red
  • canceled: grey
  • completed successfully: green

To avoid distraction from irrelevant information, Jobs marked as read are not shown in this overview.

Offload menu with job summary

You can activate the enhancement of the offload menu in the “General” tab of the application preferences (see the following screenshot).

Unread Failed Jobs Warnings and Reminders

Silverstack by default reminds you of unread failed jobs (jobs with errors that didn’t complete successfully and show in the jobs summary) on every new offload, not to miss taking care of jobs that failed successful completion. This behavior can be turned off in the “General” tab of the preferences by unchecking:

  • “Warn me about unread failed jobs on every new offload”

Unread failed jobs warnings and reminders in the “General” preferences.

Additionally, you can set a reminder notification that reappears within a certain time interval to remind you about unread failed jobs:

  • “Remind me about unread failed jobs every:”
    • 10 min
    • 20 min
    • 30 min
    • 1 h
    • 2 h