Adding Clips to the Library (Ingest without Copy)

There is a fast solution to create references to video clips in the Project Library in Silverstack. Instead of copying clips to another storage device, you can select to just ingest them. This process allows a faster way to have the clips in the Project Library for subsequent tasks such as backup, LTFS backup, quality check or metadata editing.

In order to add the clips, simply select “File > Add to Library…” or use the keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘O:

figure 1. File menu

Fig. 1: File menu

After selecting the folder containing the clips, the ingest wizard opens:

figure 2. Ingest wizard

Fig 2: Ingest wizard

The ingest wizard allows you to check which clips are being ingested before proceeding. Once you click on «Add», Silverstack starts creating the references for the clips in the Project Library by reading the metadata and creating the thumbnails. After the thumbnail creation is finished, the clips will be available in the library to start working with them:

figure 3; Project Library

fig. 3: Project Library



Drag & Drop Clips

Alternatively, you can also ingest clips by drag and dropping the containing folder into the Silverstack dock icon or the Silverstack Library Folder. When using this functionality for the first time an alert will ask you what you want to do:

figure 4. Ingest warning message

Fig. 5: Ingest warning message

If your intention is to only register the clips, please select the option «Open Add to Library Wizard». The process is the same as previously described. Otherwise, select «Open Offload Wizard» if you decide to copy the media to backup drives in addition to registering the clips in the Project Library.

In case you enable the checkbox «Don’t show this message again», Silverstack will always use the selected option in the future.