Step by step: Import MovieSlate Metadata via File Name Mode


The file name mode works literally and compares the exact filenames of your offloaded assets with the clips from the imported MovieSlate XML. Even the smallest disparity will force Silverstack not to match the Assets with the MovieSlate metadata.


Steps to match a Movieslate XML via file name

  1. Make sure the settings of MovieSlate Field Input Styles (figure 4.) match those of your camera.
    We used in our case the Alexa XT and modified it proper like in figure 4 and figure 5.
  2. Forward your XML files from the History Tab of your MovieSlate App (see figure 6.) to yourself via Email.
    Select the sent Movie Slate XML via email like figure 6 and figure 7.
  3. Switch to Silverstack and choose “MovieSlate XML” from the Import button on the top and choose your MovieSlate XML.
  4. Set the “File Name” checkbox to match the assets via file name.
  5. Silverstack shows the matched MovieSlate clips next to your assets (see figure 2).
    You may choose which assets you want to match.
  6. Press Continue.
  7. Choose the meta data fields that you want to write to the the Assets (like in figure 3).
    Choose if you want overwrite the metadata or if you want to complete metadata fields that are empty.
  8. Click “Continue”
  9. The metadata from the MovieSlate clips is now written to your assets.


Note: If you choose “overwrite” all existing metadata in the selected fields will be overwritten. This cannot be undone!



Figure 1: "Movie Slate Import Wizard"

Figure 1: “Movie Slate Import Wizard”



Figure 2: "Selected Assets in the MovieSlate Import Wizard"

Figure 2: “Selected Assets in the MovieSlate Import Wizard”


Figure 3: "Choose Metadata kind and insert options"

Figure 3: “Choose Metadata kind and insert options”


Figure 5: "FilenameStyle Movie Slate"

Figure 4: “FilenameStyle Movie Slate for different camera formats”


Figure 4: "Proper layout for the Alexa camera"

Figure 5: “Proper layout for the Alexa camera”


photo 2

Figure 6: “History Tab of MovieSlate App”


Figure 7: "Shows Export Formats in MovieSlate App"

Figure 7: “Shows Export Formats in MovieSlate App”


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