Tips & Tricks: Quick metadata editing

The clip library is the core of Silverstack. With this guide we would like to give you some tips to speed up the metadata editing process. During offload and backup all clips and files are registered in the library and metadata can be added while still copying the files.

Here are some features that might improve your metadata workflow in Silverstack:


1. Batch metadata editing

Silverstack offers the possibility to add metadata to multiple clips at a time. Simply select the different clips in the table and list view and click the edit button from the metadata field on the right panel (figure 1 #1). Make sure to check the «Apply to selection» check box (figure 1 #2) to modify all the selected clips.

Batch metadata entry and sequential suffix

figure 1: Batch metadata entry and sequential suffix


2. Sequential suffix

Silverstack lets you add a sequential suffix to certain clip metadata fields:

  • Clip name
  • Scene
  • Shot
  • Take
  • Reel name
  • Lens
  • Look name
  • Filter

To use this feature, simply write the fixed element of the name in the «New value» and the starting value of the sequence (integer number, letter) in the «Sequential suffix» box (figure 1 #3). For example enter: New Value: “Reel” and Sequential Suffix: “1” and the result is “Reel1”, “Reel2”, “Reel3”, etc.


3. Quick Entry

In the Playback View the «Quick Entry» panels allow you to easily set metadata for the current clip via keyboard shortcuts in a very fast way. Here is an overview of the available commands:

  • Rating ⇧+⌘+A
  • Comment ⇧+⌘+S
  • Label ⇧+⌘+D
  • Scene/Shot/Take ⇧+⌘+T

figure 2: Quick Entry panelsYou can also trigger the panels from the Silverstack menu: Edit > Clip > Quick Entry


4. Keyboard shortcuts

Silverstack’s metadata related keyboard shortcuts:

⇧⌘ =     Increase rating
⌘ –     Decrease rating
⌃ 0     Clear
⌃ 1     Set rating to 1
⌃ 2     Set rating to 2
⌃ 3     Set rating to 3
⌃ 4     Set rating to 4
⌃ 5     Set rating to 5
⌃A    Increase scene
⌃Z    Decrease scene
⌃S     Increase shot
⌃X    Decrease shot
⌃D    Increase take
⌃C    Decrease take
⌥⌘ +     Increase label
⌥⌘ –     Decrease label
⌥⌘ 0     No Label
⌥⌘ 1     Best Take
⌥⌘ 2     Average Take
⌥⌘ 3     Moderate Take
⌥⌘ 4     B Roll
⌥⌘ 5     Alternate Shots
⌥⌘ 6     Interviews
⌥⌘ 7     Pomfortionös





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