Preview Metadata Before Importing

Silverstack supports importing metadata from other on-set applications, such as ZoeLog, Movieslate, Drylab, QTake or Pomfort Livegrade. These import wizards are complemented by a preview window, that allows you to check the impact of the imported metadata files and adapt the import options – before applying the import to your library.

Import Preview Window

Each import wizard consist of two steps:

  • First Step: Select the file to import and match with the clips in your library
  • Second Step: Select what metadata fields you want to take over. New: Preview Window in this step
Import Options Step With Metadata Preview Window

Import Options Step With Metadata Preview Window

  1. Show Clips filter buttons: Filter the preview table
    • Unchanged – show only clips that are not changed by the import
    • Conflicts – show only clips with metadata that is overwritten by import
    • Changes – show clips with metadata that is overwritten by import or that get additional metadata
    • All – show all clips that were matched in the previous wizard step
  2. Original button: Toggle display of values in table to show value after/before import
  3. Clip state indicator:
    • Grey – no changes to metadata of this clip
    • Red –  metadata in this clip is overwritten
    • Blue – new Metadata is added to this clip (but no metadata overwritten)
  4. Preview of metadata fields after import
    • Grey – value not changed
    • Red – original value is overwritten
    • Blue – value is added (no original value)
    • Hover values with cursor to see tooltip with additional information

Changes to the Import Options and the Insert/Update Behaviour (on the left side of this wizard step) are displayed instantly in the preview window.


For further details about the import wizards, please check the KB articles