Import and Match Metadata from Drylab Set Report 3

Drylab Set Report 3 app can export a .CSV file that can be imported into Silverstack to match to clips and add metadata captured in Set Report to the Silverstack library.

  • Consult Drylab documentation for export of CSV from Set Report
  • Matching Options
  • Metadata Import Options & Mapping

Import a CSV File from Drylab Set Report 3 into Silverstack

First select the folder or bin in the library that you want to import metadata for.

Then, in the “Import” menu button in the toolbar select the option Drylab CSV:

When the Finder dialog points you to select a file, choose the CSV file exported from Drylab SetReport and select “Open”.

Matching Options

There are two options to match the events in the CSV to the clips in the library:

  • by Clip Name
  • by Creation Date 

Matching by Clip Name

Enabling the Clip Name option, looks for a match between the “filenameBase” column in the CSV and the Video Clip Name (Library Clip Name) in the Silverstack library.


The pop up menu on the right side of the checkbox offers the option to take only a certain amount of characters of the clip names into account for matching.

Matching by Creation Date (Time of Day)

Enabling the Creation Date option, looks for a match between the “createdAt” column in the CSV and the Shooting/Recording Date (Library Clip Name) in the Silverstack library.


  • Date&Time with tolerance: You can adjust a slider to set the desired tolerance for the matching by Creation Date
  • Date only: Matches the clips by the date only and neglects the time part of the timestamp

The matches are displayed in the table of clips with a blue checkbox. The left side shows the Silverstack library clip name event and the right side the event from the Set Report csv.

As soon as you obtained a proper matching, click “Continue”.

Metadata Import Options & Mapping

Import Section: In this step you can select or unselect the metadata that should be imported from the CSV to the Silverstack library.

Insert/Update Behavior: Choose if you only want to insert new metadata if a fields is empty or you want to force an overwrite.

The following import sections are available:

  • Slate Info
  • Reel
  • Camera Settings
  • Lens and Filter
  • Production
  • Comment and Caption
  • “circled” Tag (as Flagged)
  • Append Tags
  • Day Number + Day Date (as Custom 1)


This is the list of importable metadata from the CSV and to which fields it maps in the Silverstack library (sorted by Silvertack metadata section):

Drylab CSV Silverstack
Field Section Field
cameraLetter Slate Info Camera
episodes Slate Info Episode
scenes Slate Info Scene
shot Slate Info Shot
take Slate Info Take
reel Reel Reel / Tape
tStop Camera Settings T-Stop
distanceToObject Camera Settings Distance To Object
iso Camera Settings ISO
colorTemperature Camera Settings White Balance
pan Camera Settings Camera Orientation
tilt Camera Settings Tilt
latitude Camera Settings GPS Position
longitude Camera Settings GPS Position
cameraName Camera Settings Model
filters Lens and Filter Filter
lens Lens and Filter Model
ac Production Camera Assistant
ac2 Production Camera Assistant 2nd
dop Production Cinematographer
dataWrangler Production Data Manager
director Production Director
dit Production DIT
producer Production Producer
scriptSupervisor Production Script Supervisor
soundMixer Production Sound Mixer
shotNotes Comment and Caption Comment
cameraTakeNotes Comment and Caption Comment
tags “circled” Tag (as Flagged) Flagged
tags Append Tags Tags
dayDate Day Number + Day Date (as Custom 1) Custom 1
dayNumber Day Number + Day Date (as Custom 1) Custom 1