Transferring a Project to Drylab Creator from Silverstack Lab

This article covers features which are only available in Silverstack Lab.

Silverstack Lab allows to directly transfer a project to the Drylab Creator application for further use with Drylab’s services.

Transfer of Clips and Metadata

The direct transfer allows you to take over metadata to the Drylab Creator application and attach transcoded proxy clips from Silverstack Lab. The following information can be transferred:

  • Slate Information (Scene, Shot, Take, Camera,…)
  • Timecode Information (TC Start, TC End, Reel, …)
  • User Information (Circled Takes, Custom 1 2 3, Tags, …)
  • Camera Information (Camera Name, Camera Serial, Camera ID,…)
  • Settings (ISO, Whitebalance, Shutter,…)
  • Production Information (Director, Producer,…)
  • Format Information (Codex, File Type, Resolution,…)

You can learn more about Silverstack Lab’s transcoding features in the article Transcoding in Silverstack Lab.

How to Export to Drylab Creator

To export to Drylab Creator go to the “Export” menu in the toolbar and select “Drylab Creator (XML)…” from the menu.

You can choose to directly open the project or export an XML file that can be opened in Drylab Creator.

You can find more information including a video that walks you through the process from Silverstack Lab to Drylab Creator and Viewer in Drylab’s documentation following this link.