Unregister a Project from Silverstack

Unregister an old project

If you have several old projects in your library that you want to remove you can simply unregister them. All the clips/assets that are registered in the library will be removed.

Note: The files that are linked to the assets will stay on the Backup Volumes and will not be removed!


Steps to remove a project:

1. Open up Silverstack

2. Select the Project you want to remove from Project selector within the toolbar.

Figure 1: "Select a project from Toolbar"

Figure 1: “Select a project from Toolbar”


3. Go to the Main Menu and press “Unregister Current Project”


Figure 2: "Unregister Project"

Figure 2: “Unregister Project”


Silverstack will switch automatically to the next project. If there are no other projects within your library, Silverstack will automatically create a new one.