Sending Job Notifications to Slack

Silverstack, Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab allow to transmit all notifications appearing in the macOS notification center also to a connected Slack channel.

How to Connect Silverstack to Slack

You can connect Silverstack to Slack executing all steps directly in Silverstack:

  1. In the application preferences select the “Accounts” tab
  2. Via the “+” button on the left side select “Add Slack Notifications…”
  3. A browser sheet opens where you can log in to your Slack workspace
    1. Add your workspace
    2. Enter credentials
    3. Select Slack channel or private message conversation to send notifications from Silverstack to
  4. You successfully connected your Silverstack project to Slack
    1. You can see the Slack app “Pomfort Notifier” appear in the Slack workspace in the section “Apps”

Slack notifications set up in the Silverstack “Accounts” tab of the preferences

Available Actions

  • Send a Test Message
    • Via the button “Send Test Message” you can send a test text to the connected channel to verify the working connection
    • This action sends the following string: “Test message from Silverstack Lab.”
  • Enable/disable sending permissions globally or per project
    • You can choose to
      • Enable notifications for all projects
      • Enable notifications for the current project
    • By default only sending for the current project is enabled


After a successful connection, all notifications that are appearing on macOS will also be sent to the connected Slack channel. The notification messages to Slack include extended information.

Notifications are available for all job types in Silverstack:

  • Offload Jobs
  • Copy Jobs
  • Transcoding Jobs
  • Verify Jobs
  • Upload Jobs
  • Relink Jobs

Basic Information (also in macOS notification):

  • Application Name
  • Job Type
  • Complete (successful) / Failed
  • File count and successful/failed files

Extend Information (included in message to Slack):

  • Source Card name / Folder name
  • Destination drive name
  • Start date of job
  • Machine Name (Host Name)

Here are two examples of messages sent to Slack for an offload and a transcoding job:




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