Relink To New File Locations

In case the file locations of an offloaded card have been modified after the offload, Silverstack displays a ‘missing resource’ warning for affected clips in the “File” tab of the right bar. In order to point Silverstack to the correct new file paths, you can use the Relink feature.

Select the bin or folder with the files you want to relink new file locations with, in the library outline. Select “Relink” from the Media menu:

Relink menu selection


Once in the Relink wizard, you have to locate the new file location through the ‘Choose Folder…’ button.

The Relink wizard

Providing that the files match, Silverstack is going to list them in the relink wizard as shown in the image above.


Under ‘Matching Criteria’ there’s the option to include a number of folder names above the file. This allows you to expand the matching to include the specified number of folder names before the file name in the resource path.

The additional options are:

  • Replace any missing file resources from the Library for the selected items: This setting can be useful when the file have been move between physical locations. The effect of adding and removing resources can be monitored in the “Files” tab of the right bar, where resources for files are displayed.
  • Verify files after relink. When the checkbox is selected, Silverstack is going to run a verification process to ensure the data integrity of the relinked files against the checksums stored in the Library for those resources.
  • Input Device. Lets users manually select the recording format of the files.