Library Metadata Exchange

Export or import Silverstack Library Archives (psla) from one Silverstack project to another


figure 1: metadata exchange between workstations

Metadata exchange between workstations

Exporting library metadata

Whole libraries, folders or bins can be exported using this feature. To start the process, simply select the item from the Library Panel and click on Export>to Silverstack Library Archive (psla)…:

figure 2: export menu

Export menu

The Library Export wizard will appear, letting you select again which library folder to export. In addition, you can add a comment to describe the metadata content of the file.


figure 4: library export wizard

figure 4: library export wizard

After selecting «Export», a destination selection dialogue will be shown. Once the file has been saved, it should look like this:

figure 5: Silverstack library metadata file

Silverstack library metadata file


Importing library metadata

In order to import metadata from the previous process into another computer, you can just double click the «Day 1.psla» file. Otherwise you can select Import>Silverstack Library Archive (psla)…:

figure 5: import menu

import menu

Once the file has been selected, the Library Import wizard will appear. Here you can see the name of the foler that is going to be imported, the author, the export date and the comment describing its content. You are able to choose between importing the metadata as a new project or into the current project:

figure : metadata import wizard

metadata import wizard

Please bear in mind that an active license is needed to use this feature. You will need to migrate the license in case only one license key has been purchased.



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