Crop Clips (Beta Version Silverstack 6.5)

Silverstack allows to crop clips to a custom aspect ratio. Cropping is non-destructive as long a crop setting is not used for transcoding.

Cropping can be set via the “Crop” popover in the General Info tab on the right side of the main window. Learn more about the right sidebar in the article The Information Panel.

Crop Clips to a Custom Aspect Ratio

Go to the “General Info” Tab and scroll down to the “Processing” section where you can find the “Crop” entry.

Fig. 1: Crop in the Processing section

Fig. 1: Crop in the Processing section

Click the little grey button with the pencil to open the popover:

Fig. 2: The Crop popover in the General Info

Fig. 2: The Crop popover in the General Info

Crop Options

There are 2 crop options available:

  • Crop to an Aspect Ratio
  • Crop to a Custom Resolution

Selecting “None” will make sure no crop will be applied or all current crop factors will be removed from the clips when hitting “Apply”.

The “Source Resolution” and “Resulting Resolution” give you information about the original and the resulting image resolution:

  • “Source Resolution”: Native resolution of the clip as also displayed in the General Info under “Format -> Resolution”
  • “Resulting Resolution”: The cropped and/or desqueezed resolution. The factor relevant for the calculation of the Resulting Resolution are displayed below (e.g. “Desqueeze (2.0) and Crop”)

Please be aware that the decoding resolutions of the player do not affect the calculations of resolutions in the “Crop” popover.

The area that will be cropped is highlighted in the playback view.

Crop to an Aspect Ratio

Select the second tab “Aspect Ratio” and enter a custom aspect ratio into the combo box or select one from the list of presets.

Crop to a Custom Resolution

Select the third tab “Custom Resolution”.

You can enter a custom pixel resolution to crop to. The specified pixel resolution will be cropped out by default from the center of the image.

An offset can be applied to shift the cropped area inside the image. The arrow buttons provide help to shift the cropped area all the way to the respective original image margins.

Click “Apply” to crop the current image to the set specified crop settings.

Apply Crop to Multiple Clips

To apply a crop to two or more clips select multiple clips from the table view and open the “Crop” popover:

Fig. 3: Multi edit for crop

Fig. 3: Multi edit for crop


The number of altered clips is displayed in the popover. Click “Apply” to apply the set crop factor to all selected clips.


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