Multichannel Audio in Silverstack

Silverstack offers audio playback of audio data embedded in video clips for preview and quality check. Audio can also be transcoded in dailies and for the editorial department including a stereo mixdown or with the original audio tracks. The clips with embedded audio can be played back with sound and can be transcoded for the editorial department including all the audio tracks.

Silverstack supports audio features for these camera formats:

  • Alexa ProRes
  • Alexa SXT ARRIRAW (.ari)
  • Amira ProRes
  • Canon C300
  • H264 from DSLRs (like e.g. Canon EOS 5D Mark II)
  • Sony F55 XAVC
  • Sony X-OCN
  • Digital Bolex Cinema DNG
  • Various Red Camera models (.r3d movies)

The audio settings per clip are grouped in the “Audio” tab. There you can modify the sound settings for each clip while in Playback mode:

Fig. 1: Audio panel with audio tracks from ARRI Alexa SXT ARRIRAW (.ari)

Fig. 1: Audio panel with audio tracks from ARRI Alexa SXT ARRIRAW (.ari)

The audio panel offers the following controls:

  • Master Volume: controls the output signal level of the mix.
  • Audio meters: represent the audio signal level during playback. There is a stereo Master meter and additional Channel meters — one for each audio track. The scale on top of the meters indicates the audio level in dB (dBFS). Peaking is represented by a bar in the according color of the peaking level that remains at the maximum position. You can reset the peak bar by clicking on the audio meters.
  • Channel mixers: the sliders control the signal level for each track. You can mute specific «Left» and «Right» tracks by disabling the check boxes on the right of the channel mixers.
  • Mute button: Mutes the according audio channel
  • Solo button: Solos the according audio channel
  • Pan control: Sets the panorama to left, middle or right