Audio Clips in Silverstack

This article covers features which are only available in Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab.

Silverstack offers advanced support for separately recorded audio files in the Broadcast Wave format (BWF, .wav).

Ingest of Audio Clips

Fig 1: Ingest and copy broadcast wave audio files

Fig 1: Ingest and copy Broadcast Wave audio files

To ingest audio files into Silverstack click the “Offload” button in the upper left corner of the UI and choose the card or folder with the audio files to be offloaded. Audio files can be backed up within the audio wizard just as any other file type. Learn more about it in the article Parallel Offloading.

After starting the offload process Silverstack will register the audio clips in the library:

Fig. 2: Audio clips in the Silverstack library

Fig. 2: Audio clips in the Silverstack library

Silverstack will automatically detect .wav files that belong to the same clip and merges them together to an audio clip containing several audio tracks.

By opening the audio panel with the “Audio&Color” button in the toolbar all the audio tracks including waveform will be visible for the selected audio clip.

You can play audio clips back by clicking the play button.

The audio panel offers the following controls:

  • Master Volume: Controls the output signal level of the mix.
  • Audio meters: Represent the audio signal level during playback. There is a stereo Master meter and additional Channel meters — one for each audio track. The scale on top of the meters indicates the audio level in dB (dBFS). Peaking is represented by a bar in the according color of the peaking level that remains at the maximum position. You can reset the peak bar by clicking on the audio meters.
  • Channel mixers: The sliders control the signal level for each track. You can mute specific «Left» and «Right» tracks by disabling the check boxes on the right of the channel mixers.
  • Mute button: Mutes the according audio channel or the complete audio clip section
  • Solo button: Solos the according audio channel, as long as the button is pressed
  • Pan control: Sets the panorama to left, middle or right

The audio tracks panel can be opened from the small play button on the left side of the track name. It enables the playback of a single audio channel*:

Fig. 3: The audio tracks panel with single audio track playback

Fig. 3: The audio tracks panel with single audio track playback

Audio Clips Metadata

Audio clips in Silverstack own a special set of metadata that is shown in the General Info tab of the right bar. The following metadata will be pulled from the audio file metadata:

  • Scene – Shot – Take
  • Wild Track
  • Recorder Model
  • Recorder Device ID
  • Samples since Midnight
  • FPS of TC
  • TC Start
  • TC End
  • Tape
  • Recording Date
  • Audio Track Names

Adding Audio Clips as External Audio to Video Clips

Once ingested audio clips can be added to video clips as external audio either manually (Silverstack XT) or automatically (Silverstack Lab):


*only available in Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab