Silverstack Lab 8.x ASC MHL Beta

Pomfort currently develops an update for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab that offers support for the upcoming specification 1.0 of ASC MHL.


Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta can create ASC MHL history and manifests during offload and backup.


Please get the Silverstack Lab 8.x ASC MHL Beta here:

If you don’t have a valid license key you can use the 10 days trial to evaluate the beta:

  1. Download the applications above (can be used in parallel with the official Silverstack versions)
  2. In the starting window select “Try Silverstack beta” (More information about the trial version here )

Your feedback

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ASC MHL in Silverstack – Overview

Offloading media

During offload of files without existing ASC MHL history on the source volume (i.e., when offloading camera cards), a new history is created on the destination volume.

If an ASC MHL history is already on the source volume, the history is continued on the destination volume. There are some cases where an existing history cannot be continued (for example, if the hash formats of the existing history and the offload settings don’t match). In this case the fallback behavior is to start a new history on the destination.

Backing up media

During backup of already ingested material, Silverstack generally continues any existing history. Again there are some cases (for example, if clips from different cards / histories are backed up) when existing histories cannot be continued. In this case the fallback behavior is to start a new history on the destination.

Additional Features

  • Silverstack indicates in the offload wizards if the source volume contains an existing ASC MHL history and checks if any files are missing.
  • Cascading copy creates a first generation on the first run’s destionation and an additional second generation on the second run’s destination.
  • There is always an option to create a new ASC MHL history on offload and backup.
  • You can choose in Silverstack’s preferences if ASC MHL histories or the original MHL manifests shall be created.
  • The job detail view now shows which manifest format (“ASC MHL” or the previous “MHL”) has been created, and allows to reveal the manifest file in Finder.
  • Project libraries of this beta and currently released versions of Silverstack (e.g. v8.1.x or newer) are compatible and can be used (when copied in ~/Library/Application Support) in regular and beta versions.

Current limitations

  • If during offload an existing history has a different hash format than the selected hash format in the wizard, a new history will be created without warning.
  • Latest xxhash variants “xxh3” and “xxh128” are not supported yet.
  • Silverstack is currently not creating directory hashes.
  • Misleading error message “Error creating the MHL file (113)” is shown in case a hash mismatch was detected against records of an existing history.
  • “Backup” of multiple Bins to new destination does not continue the ASC MHL history yet.
  • CreatorInfo in ASC MHL Manifest not filled properly yet.
  • Currently there is no option to create ASC MHL collections and packing lists (“flattened” manifests).


The current beta version is based on