Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.0 beta

Pomfort currently develops an update for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab that offers additional features when used in combination with ShotHub.

What Is New in This Beta of Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.0 ?

Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta comes with the following features:

Library Sync Feature

  • Sync Silverstack across multiple computers via ShotHub
    • Keep clip libraries in sync on all connected Silverstack applications
    • Share clip metadata and file information

Performance Improvements

    • Metal support – can improve the performance of ProRes processing on certain systems
    • RED GPU Decoding – can improve processing speed for R3D files on systems with low CPU performance
      (Optionally activated via Preferences -> Format ->RED)

Metadata Import Preview Wizard

  • Preview changes of clip metadata in advanced wizards
    • Import metadata files from Livegrade or 3rd party tools
    • Check which clip metadata will be added, updated or replaced
    • Adapt import settings accordingly

ShotID as clip identifier

  • Retrieve clip metadata via web browser
    • Find a specific clip and retrieve its metadata in ShotHub with the ShotID
    • Share a clip’s metadata with others through the ShotID link
    • Burn-in the ShotID or a QR code of the ShotID link to reference a clip’s metadata in transcoded files

Download the latest beta of Silverstack and Silverstack Lab:

Here are the download links for:

Silverstack 8.0 Beta 2

Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta 2

If you don’t have a valid license key you can use the 10 days trial to evaluate the beta:

  1. Download the applications above (can be used in parallel with the official Silverstack versions)
  2. In the starting window select “Try Silverstack Lab beta” (More information about the trial version here)

In order to test the library sync feature you will need at least two Silverstack applications and a ShotHub free plan.
Two easy ways to set this up are:

  • Install both Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta on one computer and activate a 10-days trial version if needed or
  • Install Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta on different computers

If you don’t have a ShotHub account yet, you can create it on the ShotHub page. You only need a Free plan in ShotHub, when using the same Pomfort Account in both Silverstack applications.
In case you want to explore the library sync feature with your team, please contact us for extending the user plan for ShotHub or additional test licenses for Silverstack.

Please Send Your Individual Feedback

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More Info in the KnowledgeBase

You can find more information in our KnowledgeBase – detailed articles cover the following topics:

System Requirements: Intel Mac with macOS 10.14 or higher.