Silverstack Library Sync Feature – Beta Version


The Library Sync Feature is supported by Silverstack 8.0 Beta and Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta. You can use it to sync these applications across several machines or even test it on a single machine by running both Silverstack and Silverstack LAB in parallel.

Here is what you need to get started:

  • Download Silverstack 8.0 or Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta here.
  • Add your Pomfort Account in the Silverstack preferences
  • Optional: login to ShotHub with your Pomfort Account. Please note that all cloud projects created with Silverstack 8.0 or Silverstack Lab 8.0 Beta are marked as “Beta” in the project dropdown menu.
  • Sync your first project with ShotHub: Sync Silverstack libraries via ShotHub  to see the synced Silverstack library in ShotHub
NOTE:  You don’t need a paid user plan for ShotHub as the sync feature is also supported with the free plan.


Syncing your Silverstack library via ShotHub to other instances of Silverstack includes:

  • Complete library with all folders and bins
  • All clips, sidecars and documents
  • General Info with metadata
  • User Info with slate and rating information
    Note: Sync option works per metadata entry, that way you can edit slate info and comments on two computers simultaneously
  • File Info with overview of file resources and link to clip in ShotHub
  • Summary showing statistics and details
  • Relation of source and transcoded clips
  • Look info and grading information
    Note: Sync option works per look including all grading nodes
  • Thumbnails (if checked in sync options)
  • Project Settings: Labels and Custom Field Labels
  • Cue points and synced audio
  • Audio Panel adjustments


Library Sync does not support:

  • Grading Node RGB Curves in “luma-based” mode
  • Migrating projects with multiple library folders (created with former Silverstack releases or the Silverstack Sync Alpha version)


Syncing your Silverstack library via ShotHub to another instances of Silverstack does not include:

  • Project Settings including:
    • Smart Folders
    • Transcoding Presets
    • Copy Job Templates
    • Table View Presets
    • Format Options
  • Job View
  • Look Library
  • Header Information
  • Verification State
  • Dynamic metadata


We would like to know your questions, ideas, and suggestions regarding the Library Sync feature and what topics that are currently out of scope could be important for your workflow. As your feedback is valuable for further development, please share your experiences and use cases with us by email: