Pomfort currently develops an update for Silverstack – Silverstack 6.5 . All members of the Pomfort beta program as well as selected customers now have the chance to preview and test the latest beta version of Silverstack 6.5.

What Is New in This Beta of Silverstack 6.5 ?

Silverstack 6.5 Beta currently comes with the following improvements:

Data Management Moves Forward

  • Copy speed improvements for file sequences and high disk I/O speeds
  • More flexible bin organization with automatic library sorting options
    • E.g. keep bins always sorted by name

New Camera Formats with Advanced Camera Support

  • Blackmagic RAW

Working with Clips in the Library

  • Advanced custom crop options to exact resolutions including preview visualization
    • Pixel exact control of clip size for playback, transcoding, still export, reports and more
  • New Transcoding Output Formats: Transcode to H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) codecs in MP4 container (.mp4)
  • Report names and exported still frame naming can now be controlled with metadata wildcards
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts to your needs to speed up your workflow


  • Adding the possibility to hide certain export options to be able to show only a user required custom set
  • Experimental CUDA enabled for RED SDK


Download the latest beta of Silverstack here

The beta is available until the official release. Beta versions are not suitable for productions. A valid Silverstack license is needed.

We are happy for any feedback! Please send an e-mail to:  support@pomfort.com

More Info in the KnowledgeBase

You can find more information in our KnowledgeBase – detailed articles currently cover the following topics:

System Requirements

Intel Mac with macOS 10.12 or higher.