Registering for Pomfort ShotHub

Pomfort ShotHub is a cloud-based service and web application to share and access production metadata of the camera department online.


Everyone with a Pomfort Account can start a trial and sign in to use ShotHub. When the trial expires, all users get automatically a free plan or can update their plan to the Pro or Team Plan. Learn more: Features and Limitations of User Plans

If you already have a Pomfort Account, you can sign into Pomfort ShotHub using the same credentials at

If you don’t have a Pomfort Account yet, you first need to create one for free at

Learn more: Pomfort Account


In order to change the password of your Pomfort Account, please visit, sign out and use the password reset form to set a new password.

Supported desktop applications

All versions of Silverstack 7 (or higher) and Livegrade 5.2 (or higher).