UI Overview and Dashboard

Main User Interface

When logging into ShotHub, you will see the dashboard summarizing all projects and recent activities plus the header bar to navigate through ShotHub.

Main User Interface with Header Bar and Dashboard


Header Bar

The header bar is accessible on the dashboard and in the project view. From left to right the header bar shows:

  • Cloud Icon redirects to the dashboard from anywhere.
  • Team Icon to select a team to see the dashboard and the projects of that team (only available if you are in more than one team).
  • Project Dropdown shows the name of the selected project and offers access to the project info panel via the button “i”  to manage the project (Project View only).
  • Sidebar Icons choose which sidebars you see (Project View only).
  • Export Icon to create PDF reports, CSV files or download CDLs (Project View only).
  • Mailbox Icon notifies you about new invitations to a team or a project.
  • Account Icon to see your user settings and viewing options with quick access to your Pomfort Account, the Team Settings.

Please note, that the number of shown items is depending on your view.


Shows a summary of all projects and recent activities including:

  • Last visited project
  • Recent Updates of Projects: List of projects that changed their states or clips were upload within last 72hours
  • All Projects: All Silverstack and Livegrade cloud projects that you are a part of
  • Recently Added Media Bins: Shows last added bins for Silverstack cloud projects and additional information
  • Recent Events: List of events like project creation, deletion or new members in projects
  • Quick access: ShotID Search, Team Settings, and Pomfort Account

User Interface for cloud projects (Project View)

The project view shows the library structure with folders, bins, clips, or shots contained by a project. You can find detailed descriptions for the Project View of Silverstack and Livegrade cloud projects here: Silverstack Clip View;  Livegrade Shot View

Team Settings

The Team Settings are accessible for plan owners and team admins to manage users and projects of a team. Go to Team Settings to learn more about the managing options.