Project Management and UI Overview

The clip and shot information stored in Pomfort ShotHub can be accessed through a web application. See the article Registering for ShotHub on how to sign in or create a new account.


All clip and shot metadata in Pomfort ShotHub is stored and managed in a project.

Each project is either managing

  • clip information from one or more Silverstack instances or
  • shot information from one or more Livegrade instances.

These unifying projects in ShotHub are called Silverstack “cloud project” or Livegrade “cloud project” to distinguish them from the individual, local projects of the desktop applications.

New cloud projects are created with Pomfort’s desktop applications* when their shot or clip metadata is uploaded for the first time.

The ShotHub web application always displays information from one current cloud project. Information uploaded from different computers will be displayed in their respective library folders.

* Supported desktop applications: Silverstack, Silverstack Lab (version 7.0 or newer), Livegrade Pro or Studio (version 5.2 or newer)


The general layout of the user interface of ShotHub is similar to Pomfort’s desktop applications and consists of a header bar and the main UI showing either the clip view for Silverstack cloud projects, or the shot view for Livegrade cloud projects.

Main ShotHub UI showing a Silverstack cloud project

Header Bar

The header bar consists of all top-level elements to navigate ShotHub. On the left you see the currently selected project and can access the project chooser to switch to other projects or create a new cloud project. The project info button opens the project information panel where you can manage the current project. On the right you find buttons to export reports of your clip metadata (Silverstack cloud projects only) and to manage your account e.g. see details of your user plan, pending invitations, or switch between light and dark viewing theme.

Main UI Parts

The main user interface parts show the folders, bins, clips, or shots contained by a project. You can find detailed descriptions for Silverstack and Livegrade cloud projects here: Silverstack Clip View;  Livegrade Shot View


As admin you can manage your ShotHub projects in the project information panel. For active projects you can invite other members and assign them permissions to view or contribute metadata to your project. You can increase the number of active projects by purchasing additional projects for your Team plan in your Pomfort Account.

Learn more: Manage Members and Invitations

You may archive projects that are not active anymore to keep them available online. Archived projects don’t count against your number of active projects. When a project is archived all project members can still access it but no new members can be invited and no new metadata can be uploaded. If needed the archived project can be unarchived at any time.

Admins can delete projects to have them removed from ShotHub completely. Once a project is deleted all project members including the admin can’t access the project anymore. Deleting a project can’t be undone.

NOTE: You can have deactivated projects as well if a plan with a higher number of projects expired. Deactivated projects can be deleted or re-accessed by adapting the user plan.



The shot information stored in Pomfort ShotHub can be accessed through a REST API. If you are interested in accessing the Pomfort ShotHub REST API, please contact for further details and to obtain an application key.