Livegrade Shot View

The clip and shot information stored in Pomfort ShotHub can be accessed through a web application. See Registering for ShotHub on how to sign in or create a new account.

Main UI Parts (from left to right)

The main UI parts show the folders, bins, and clips contained by a project.

  • The Project Outline shows the library outline of all libraries from the desktop applications that upload to the Pomfort ShotHub.
  • The Content View can be switched to different viewing modes to show a list of shots or a full image according to the selected item in the library outline.
  • The Info Panel shows metadata and details about grading information of the selected item in the item list.

Livegrade Shot Project View (click to enlarge)

Project Outline:
The selection of an item in the project outline influences the display of the other parts. The selection is recursive, so the content will show all items in the selected folder and all the contained sub folders.

Content View:
You can switch between different viewing modes by using the left buttons in the toolbar.

    • List View:
      The List View shows a metadata table containing all shots contained in the selected folder and its sub folders or bins. Using the Settings Icon in the toolbar you can choose the metadata columns to be displayed and simply drag them to create your individual order. You can also load and save custom column layouts which can be shared with invited team members. The search allows to enter a search term that is used to filter the items shown in the list.
    • Full Image View:
      The Full Image view shows you the thumbnail in full screen mode. Switching to full screen could be also done by double-clicking a clip in the List View.
    • Settings Icon:
      In the List View a menu with settings and viewing presets is opened via the Settings Icon.

Settings and Viewing Presets opened in the List View

  • As an option you can decide if you prefer imperial or metric units. There is a list of column layout presets taken from Livegrade you can choose from.
    Create your own column preset from scratch or based on a given presets by adding or removing metadata columns.By using the columns search field the metadata you are interested can be find easily. As soon as you add or remove columns to your selection you can save your custom column layout as a preset with a new name.
    You can load your custom column layouts in other cloud projects as well. And as an option you can share your presets and provide them to other members with the invitation to your project. Every project member is allowed to change the List View as needed.

Info Panel:
The info panel consists of two tabs that can be switched with the tab buttons in the toolbar. They either show all the item’s metadata or all the item’s grading node information. The whole info panel can be collapsed using the right most button in the toolbar.

NOTE: Free Plan can not access all metadata and  viewing modes.

Search Code: SH-L84, SH-SL1