Shows a summary of all projects and recent activities in one ShotHub team, including:

  • Last visited project
  • Recent Updates of Projects: A list of projects that changed their states or clips were uploaded within the last 72hours
  • All Projects: All Silverstack and Livegrade cloud projects that you are a part of
  • Recently Added Media Bins: Shows last added bins for Silverstack cloud projects and additional information.
  • Recent Events: List of events like project creation, deletion, or new members in projects
  • Quick access: ShotID Search, Team Settings, and Pomfort Account



From left to right, the header bar shows:

  • Cloud icon redirects to the dashboard from anywhere.
  • Team icon to select a team to see that team’s dashboard and their projects (only available if you are in more than one team).
  • Mailbox icon notifies you about new invitations to a team or a project.
  • Account icon to see your user settings and viewing options with quick access to your Pomfort Account and the Team Settings.
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