Handle Clip Library Sync Errors

In case you get an error message while syncing the Silverstack desktop library with your ShotHub cloud projects, there are several ways to address those issues:

  • Sync all folders again: Press “shift-option” keys and “Sync Changes Now”
  • Sync the entire library (instead of only the latest changes): Press “option” key + “Sync changes now” to perform a sync of the entire library
  • Re-sync the complete Silverstack library:
    • Disconnect all Silverstack desktop applications from the ShotHub cloud project
    • Login to ShotHub via web browser and delete the ShotHub cloud project
    • Connect one Silverstack application to ShotHub and create a new cloud project.
    • As soon as the initial upload is complete, you can re-invite project members.
    • Then you or other project members can connect additional instances of Silverstack to the same ShotHub cloud project
    • See also:  Sync Clip Library; Connecting Silverstack to ShotHub