Features and Limitations of User Plans

According to ShotHub user plans all projects inherit their properties from the project owner’s user plan. That means for example that if a project is created by a user with a Pro plan the project offers all features of a Pro plan project – for the project owner as well as to all invited users – independently of their own plan.


You can choose between free and paid plans to use ShotHub. All information about your account, including your actual plan, expiry date and your number of active and archived projects is shown in the user account menu on the right. If you have a Trial or Free plan your plan info is also shown in a badge in the headline. In case your Pro or Team plan is going to expire soon this badge will also inform you 14-days before. You can manage your plans by logging into your Pomfort Account.

ShotHub User Account Menu


Trial Plan:
Use ShotHub with all features for free for 10-days. The Trial Plan includes two active projects for Silverstack and two for Livegrade. When the Trial Plan expires your ShotHub plan is automatically transferred to a Free Plan.

Pro Plan:
Use ShotHub including all features with a yearly or monthly subscription. The Pro Plan contains two active projects for each desktop application, Silverstack and Livegrade. Invite up to five members (2 viewers and 3 contributors) to your projects. When your Pro Plan expires your ShotHub plan is automatically transferred to a Free Plan.

Team Plan:
Use ShotHub with all features as in the Pro Plan. Plus you can invite five contributors and 50 viewers to each of your cloud projects. Scale the Team Plan by purchasing additional active projects per month as add-on. When a project add-on expires your additional projects will be archived and when your Team Plan expires your ShotHub plan is automatically transferred to a Free Plan.

Free Plan:
Use ShotHub free of charge with limited features with the Free Plan. As a registered user with a Pomfort Account you automatically get a Free Plan when any other plan expires. One active project for Silverstack and Livegrade each is included. As the Free Plan includes only one active and one archived projects your additional projects will be deactivated. You can change your user plan in your Pomfort Account to re-access deactivated projects or just delete them from your projects menu. Free Plans do not expire and can be upgraded anytime.


Depending on your plan your cloud project is either part of a Team, Pro, Trial or Free Plan. The project state info label next to the project name is shown when you working in a Free or Trial Plan project to inform you about possible limitations.

Project Menu with Project State Info Label

Trial plan projects:
Same features as a Team plan projects, but limited to 10 days and PDF reports of cloud projects are watermarked.

Pro or Team plan projects:
All clip and shot metadata uploaded from a Silverstack or Livegrade desktop application is accessible. All features of ShotHub are included and available for all invited members.

Additional projects:
Only available as add-on for the Team plan, additional projects have the same features as other Team plan projects.

Free plan projects:
Only essential metadata of clip and shot libraries uploaded from a Silverstack or Livegrade desktop application is shown and not all features are supported. Uploading libraries to the cloud project is restricted to the owner of the project. Invited members can’t contribute metadata and have limited access to the cloud projects.

Learn more more the features depending on plans here

NOTE: If you change your user plan all your projects change their project state as well. Therefore features of projects are changed, but the project itself is never affected and saved with all uploaded clip and shot metadata libraries. Even if your plan is limited to a smaller amount of active or archived projects, all your projects including the deactivated ones are preserved and can be accessed when the plan is upgraded again.