Features and Limitations of User Plans


You can choose between free and paid plans to use ShotHub. All information about your plan, including your actual plan, expiry date, your number of invitees and number of active and archived projects is shown in the plan information tab in the Team Settings.  You can manage your plans by logging into your Pomfort Account.

Plan Information in the Team Settings


Trial Plan:
Use ShotHub with all features for free for 10-days. The Trial Plan is equal to the team plan. It includes 5 team members and unlimited active or archived cloud projects for Silverstack  for Livegrade. When the Trial Plan expires your ShotHub plan is automatically transferred to a Free Plan.

Pro Plan:
Use ShotHub including all features with a yearly or monthly subscription. The Pro Plan contains four active projects for each desktop application, Silverstack and Livegrade. Invite another team member to your team and unlimited external users to your projects. When your Pro Plan expires your ShotHub plan is automatically transferred to a Free Plan.

Team Plan:
Use ShotHub with all features as in the Pro Plan. Plus the number of active projects is not limited. In the basic team plan you can invite five team members to your team and as many as External Users as you need to your cloud projects. Scale the Team Plan by purchasing a larger plan with 10 or 20 team members or increase the number of team members individually. When the Team Plan expires your ShotHub plan is automatically transferred to a Free Plan.

Free Plan:
Use ShotHub free of charge with limited features with the Free Plan. As a registered user with a Pomfort Account you automatically get a Free Plan when any other plan expires. Two active and two archived projects for Silverstack and Livegrade are included. You can change your user plan in your Pomfort Account. Free Plans do not expire and can be upgraded anytime.


When your user plan expires or changed into a plan with more limitations regarding the number of team members or active projects, the team and all team projects will get “locked”. The projects are no longer accessible while all projects and invitees are preserved. The team management settings are still accessible so that the Plan Owner or the Team Admins can decide how to proceed. One option is to adapt your user plan in the Pomfort Account. The other approach is to “clean up” the team if e.g. the number of included team members or the number of included projects decreased. In order to do that you can edit team members and projects in the Team Settings.